Christmas time is what I missed the most in my hometown. People there celebrate the season of Christ, the season of giving, the season of sharing, and the season of spending time with our family and love ones.

Its the season for simbang gabi -- a Filipino tradition of joyous waiting... "Simbang Gabi is a time-honored Philippine tradition that ushers in the Advent season for Filipinos. The importance of Christmas and the Christmas spirit to Filipinos cannot be overestimated. It touches many aspects of Filipino life - spiritual and social. It is a soul-searching time as well as a family reunion time."

Christmas in this part of the world (North America) is mostly about Santa Claus. Kids line up for hours just to sit in the lap of Mr. Claus. Its sad how people here would celebrate Santa intead of Christ.


suze said...

christmas is best spent with the people you love and who love you in return unconditionally..... you're spending christmas with your family, fwen, and, without a doubt, you're one of the fortunate ones :-)

JO said...

Thanks Suze!