My Choices

"Take a chance!
All life is a chance.
The man who goes the furthest
is generally the one
who is willing to do and dare."
by Dale Carnegie

A big turning point in my life was one choice that I had made that I know would please my parents. And I got hurt along the way. This made me realize that when I make a choice, it is not to please my parents or anybody else, but to make a choice that will bring me happiness.

If I were to go through the choices that I had made in my life, I would definitely make the same choices, of course this time I would want to have the blessings of my family. All relationships has its ups and downs, and through it all, my husband had stood by my side, patient and waiting, giving and loving, supporting me every step of the way.....

We just celebrated our 9th-year wedding anniversary and our 15th-year of friendship, and we are still very much in love with one another! Problems? we all have problems, we all have conflicts, we all have misunderstandings... and so is our relationship... but through it all... we stand by one another... till death do us part!