First Job

My first job in Canada!

Being an immigrant, employers usually ask for your Canadian experience (indirectly), which of course all new immigrants don't have! The alternative is to get credentials by taking up courses and/or certifications. Which is what I did!

And I just realized that I have been in part time school for 4 months and another month of intensive training (without pay) just to be able to work for 3 full months??? :-) hmmm...

I am a certified tax preparer and my work is during tax season only (which in Canada is from February to 30th of April). On the other hand, I am "guaranteed" a job every tax season... its a good start for me since my kids are still young.


suze said...

congratulations, jo!!!!

Junnie said...

mitzi and i are happy for you jo. you deserve this!
libre sa first sweldo!