The Great Threes

Three things to be
- pure, just and honest

Three things to govern
- temper, tongue and conduct

Three things to have
- courage, affection and gentleness

Three things to give
- alms to the needy, comfort to the sad
and appreciation to the worthy

Three things to love
- the wise, the virtuous and the innocent

Three things to commend
- thrift, industry and promptness

Three things to despise
- cruelty, arrogance and ingratitude

Three things to attain
- goodness of the heart, integrity of purpose
and cheerfulness


JO said...

This was in a frame that I got from my staff on my last day at work (before migrating). They say that I should always remember point number 2 - three things to govern! What can I say? I got a short temper and I speak my mind! At least I'm honest with my feelings! Good or bad? You be the judge! To each his own!