ADHD medications

Recently Health Canada has suspended the drug Adderall XR off the market, another stimulant for ADHD due to a very rare case of sudden deaths, internationally.

The pharmacist told me that there was only one case of Ritalin death in Canada, and that is due to the "wrong way" of using the medicine, it was injected. So should I stop worrying about my son taking Ritalin since Health Canada is there to protect the consumers? Should I trust the experts like the pharmacist and pediatricians on this? Or should I believe stories of moms and dads out there who may or may not be telling the whole truth?


darlene said...

Hi jo! You still remember I asked you about a poem that you wrote about your son? I was so touched because I share the same sentiments as yours.

My son also has ADHD, inattentive type. he's now 9 years old. I was depressed at first but as a mom, I should be my son's first advocate.Depression wont help us both.

We went through regular OT sessions since year 2003. Mostly on behavioral therapy. I even enrolled my son in a special school last school year but it didnt help. I was so dismayed that there were only 2 ADHD cases in their classroom. Others are either, Autism, Trisomy, Selective Mutism etc, which shouldn't be mixed with ADHD because all the more that they will be hyperactive. So for this school year, I have to send him back to traditional school. this was his school before i transfered him to sped.And im so glad that they took himback. So far, my son is doing just fine. But just like any other ADHD, he's having a hard time catching up with copying his notes. Im just so glad that his teachers are understanding.

Now about meds, my doctor didnt recommend any. But she was already tempted to do so. But I asked her if its really necessary because, in my opinion, she only based her diagnosis on her one-hour-every-seven-months consultation, the teachers' observation and the therapist which I am the one conveying this info to her. I sensed too that she hesitated and so she asked my opinion. As a nurse and based on my research, I have heard too of several effects which include among others, lack of appetite and growth retardation.

You dont have to worry too much for as long as your son is under the regular supervision of his doctor. Unlike here, we have to wait for around 6to7 months for my son's check-up, and session lasts for an hour only. Not to mention the fact that her prof fee is really.. wow!

Have you tried behavioral therapy? What other means have you tried apart from Ritalin? Is Straterra available in Canada?

I guess I've said too much as if I'm doing a post. Hope you understand. I feel so overwhelmed when I get to meet parents of a child with ADHD. Maybe we could exchange information oneday.