Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, my whole family is sick! So we didn't get the chance to celebrate V-Day... I'm having cough and colds, my husband has a broken ankle and limps when he walks, my son got cough, and my daughter has fever with cough and colds... :-(

It must be from the piling dust around the house... since I started working, the house is always a mess (I know I know... its not something new coz you all know how I hate household chores)... When I get home from work, I have to prepare dinner... and also prepare for our dinner for the following night. Get the kids ready for bed... And then I would be too tired to do anything else (except TV or surfing the net)!

But still, I am so thankful that I finally got a job! yehey! Can't wait for my first paycheck!

Hmmmm... can't remember the last time me and my husband went out on V-day for a romantic date... ahh, the price you have to pay when you have a growing family! But who needs V-day when everyday starts and ends with your love ones?


Junnie said...

are you back? how's the ankle? your flu? have you taken the flu shots nga pala? we didnt. we dont believe in them. pero since libre, baka na rin....hope you all get well....

JO said...

only the kids had flu shots. we are all getting better. thanks!