Three Things

My 3 favorite vacation place
~ Orlando, Florida (2004)
~ Boracay, Philippines (1996)
~ Coron, Palawan, Philippines (1994)

My 3 most valuable possessions
~ My photo albums collections
~ My computer
~ Digital camera

3 things I love to do
~ Scrapbooking
~ Surfing the internet
~ Sleep

3 things in my wallet
~ Directions (so I don't get lost)
~ Contact numbers (in case I get lost)
~ Credit/bank cards

3 things in my bag
~ Wallet
~ Eyeglasses
~ Cellphone

My 3 most expensive purchase in the past 3 months
~ Prescription sunglasses ($200)
~ 9-piece stainless steel cookware ($100)
~ Jewelry Set ($100)

My 3 favorite movies
~ Somewhere in Time
~ Superman (movie series)
~ All of Jackie Chan movies

My 3 favorite reality TV shows
~ Amazing Race
~ American Idol
~ Canadian Idol

My 3 favorite TV shows
~ 24
~ Charmed

My 3 favorite TV show on reruns
~ McGyver
~ The Cosby Show
~ The Golden Girls

The last 3 movies I've seen on the big screen
~ The Polar Express
~ Shrek 2
~ Spiderman 2 and Bourne Supremacy (double feature)

And lastly, the 3 most important people in my life
~ My husband
~ My son
~ My daughter

3 places I wanted to visit
~ HolyLand, Israel
~ Rangali Island, Maldives
~ Legoland, California (for my kids)

3 things I wish I have right now
~ Winning lottery number!
~ A million dollars!
~ Lots and lots of patience in dealing with my kids

3 things I've been wanting to do but can't seem to do so
~ Give up coca cola drink
~ Make a quilt (blanket) using my kids' baby clothes and pictures
~ And close up the gap with someone very important in my life

3 things I hate about myself
~ I speak before I think
~ I am impatient all the time
~ I hate household chores!

My 3 most favorite dishes when we eat out
~ Steak (Applebee's/Friday's)
~ Seafood platters (Red Lobsters)
~ Baby back ribs (Tony Roma's)

And lastly, the 3 people I owe my life to
~ My parents
~ My husband


Junnie said...

i love lists like these. it gives you an insight of the person in 3 steps. keep it up!

tani said...

i would like to make a quilt of my kids baby clothes too.

JO said...

Hi Tani,

If you know how to do it, please teach me. Thanks.