I am...

  • currently too excited to report to my first job in Canada (2 days from now)
  • currently looking forward to a weekend of tobogganing with my kids
  • currently trying to figure out how to deal with an ADHD child (somebody help me please!)
  • currently watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Spike TV
  • currently multi tasking - doing laundry, watching tv, and updating my blog
  • continuously gaining weight, mostly due to my consumption of coke (not the drugs, just the coca cola drink)
  • continuously learning new things about being a blogger (thanks to Junnie for introducing me to the world of blogging!)
  • continuously craving for a new cellphone (even though I don't really need it right now)

I recently...
  • just finished updating our family website
  • just got frustrated with my son who used the shampoo as bubble bath (again! grrrr!)
  • just recovered from a flu
  • just finished watching the reruns of Friends on TV


Junnie said...

How was your first day? Thank you for bringing us to Chinguacousy last Sunday. We enjoyed it immensely.

Ill send you the CD of the pics next time. Ingat! Hugs and kisses to the kids.

JO said...

Junnie, you're welcome. Sayang you missed all the snow that was there the week before.