I like the feeling of ...

~ peace and quiet time to myself
~ snuggling in bed with my hubby
~ a good massage by my hubby
~ looking at old photographs and reminisce
~ a hug and kiss from my kids
~ a quiet house as soon as my kids are asleep
~ being back in the work force
~ meeting new friends
~ remembering old friends
~ receiving letters/cards delivered by the mailman
~ receiving a text message from the other side of the globe
~ helping people
~ my kids playing happily together
~ reading other people's blog
~ knowing that a stranger is reading my blog
~ a new comment on my blog
~ the thrill of a roller coaster ride
~ coming home from a trip -- home, sweet home
~ learning a new recipe
~ completing a list like this!


Junnie said...

Great list Jo.

Time to make your own 43 Things....go visit :

JO said...

I started my 43 things already, I think I got 24 already, but looking back at the list, I don't think I will be able to do most of them... its an expensive list kasi eh... hehehe... :-)