Positive and Negative

POSITIVE ~ I got a 4-month contract (my first job in Canada)
NEGATIVE ~ but I still got the household chores waiting for me at home

POSITIVE ~ I am now receiving my own paycheck (yipeeee!)
NEGATIVE ~ but my son's homework is always late because of me

POSITIVE ~ I can take my kids to the office (less babysitting fee)
NEGATIVE ~ but they easily get bored
(who wouldn't? on some days I have to work for 11 hours straight)!

POSITIVE ~ I have 2 adorable and intelligent kids
NEGATIVE ~ but the house is always a mess

POSITIVE ~ I'm starting to enjoy blogging
NEGATIVE ~ but I only know a few people who are into blogging


Junnie said...

Sooner or later you'd have more friends. I started that way too. Its like Kid's First Day in School....

deepblue said...
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deepblue said...

i adore ur blog and am a regular visitor of ur blog. i kept ur blog link in my favorites. happy blogging

i.ph said...

Hi Jo! Nice Postive and negative entry!. Welcome to the blogging world! Thanks for visiting my site. You will definitely enjoy blogging! Are you interested in joining our www.i.ph Lenten Photo Contest?
Anyway, your site is nice. CooL!

Matapoor said...

welcome to blogging.

and hey, blogging is one way to make new friends! :-)

Ima said...

Thanks for your visit... :)