Thoughts #2

Last night, me and hubby watched the movie "Love Actually". There was this 11-year old kid whose mom just died but he was thinking more about a girl at school than grieving... he said he was "in love" and he even went pass airport security just to tell the girl his feelings...

I suddenly realized that my son will be 11 in 3 years time and I don't think I am ready to face that part of his life... what do these kids know at this young age? I don't remember me "being in love" when I was 11 years old. All I remember that I do is play and homework and play and homework (as if I'm doing my homework) hehehe...

Can you believe that there are some 11-year olds who are already a mother! Click here and here and here for some unbelievable stories... what's happening to the youth today???

TV shows


Senior citizens Meredith and Gretchen just had the most unbelievable guardian angel with them! They are 69 and 66 years old. They have managed to stay out of being eliminated.... Congratulations to the seniors for making it to the top 4!

Wouldn't it be nice to see them win the Amazing Race with Rob and Amber just seconds behind them???

Thanks to Lynn and Alex for standing up to Rob and Amber (the episode where they got a taxi first and Rob and Amber wants to share it with them, and they said "no"... remember that scene?)!

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I can't believe that my favorite, Anwar Robinson, is out of American Idol. waaaaahhhh... If only I can vote, he would still be in the competetion.

Oh well, there can only be one American Idol in the end, matira matibay!!!

My Passion

One of my greatest passion is my photo album collection... I started this hobby of mine back in 1988 and from 1988 to 2000, I have a total of 26 albums...

Even though we were only allowed 8 boxes/luggages by the airline when we migrated, 1 box was designated to my albums already (I was able to bring in 14 of them)! Just can't leave all of them behind, if I have more luggage allowance I wouldn't leave a single album behind. To date, I still have about 6 more left at my parent's house.

Since we migrated (2001) I have added 10 more albums to my collection and I also started using scrapbook materials. This could be more if we didn't get a digital camera in 2002, since then most of our pictures are stored in CDs. I had to select the really nice ones when I order prints this time. And despite our tight budget I still manage to include my scrapbook materials into our budget. ",)

Last year, I started to convert my digital pictures to a home video complete with background music using Memories on TV software. Now we can just sit back and relax while we reminisce. And if you want to create an instant photo website, you can also try Memories on Web free software.

Thoughts #1

Today is wednesday, my only day-off from work (I work 6 days a week). My day started with getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off. After that, I have the peace and quiet house all to myself, not to mention a messy house too! ",)

My mornings are spent doing laundry, picking up toys on the floor then vacuumming the second floor... after that it will be time to pick up my daughter from school... then as soon as we got home, its cooking and lunch time.

Next in line will be more laundry, more cleaning and more vacuumming in the living room, dining room, kitchen and den... of course in between these chores I sit on my computer to blog, to surf, and to rest. ",)

I find that I tend to do more when I do the chores part by part and sit on my computer in between... hehehe... because if I do it continuously I tend to get tired and not finish any of the chores. ",)

Tonight, I have to iron my hubby's office clothes and at the same time watch American Idol's result and CSI: New York. If there's nothing good to watch, I won't be able to finish this chore. ",)

Now you learn one more thing about me -- ang tamad tamad ko!


Last 10 CDs I bought 2 weeks before moving to Canada
~ Martin Nievera's Forever
~ Martin Nievera's Forever Forever
~ Martin Nievera's Return to Forever
~ Martin Nievera's Greatest Hits Vol. II
~ Joey Albert's OPM Timeless Collection
~ Ngayon at Kailanman Collector's Edition of Basil Valdes
~ Hindi Kita Malilimutan Collector's Edition of Basil Valdes
~ The Best of Apo Hiking Society Vol. I
~ The Best of Apo Hiking Society Vol. II
~ Gary Valenciano's Greatest Hits Vol. I

Top 10 Movies I watched over and over again
~ The Sound of Music: Julie Andrews
~ Dirty Dancing: Patrick Swayze
~ Grease: Olivia Newton-John
~ Somewhere in Time: Christopher Reeve
~ Dave: Kevin Kline
~ Beaches: Bette Midler
~ Disney's Beauty and the Beast
~ Superman: Christopher Reeve
~ Lethal Weapon: Mel Gibson
~ Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford

Jackie Chan's movies I watch over and over again
~ Around the World in 80 days
~ The Medallion
~ The Tuxedo
~ Rush Hour
~ Who am I?
~ First Strike
~ Police Story
~ Operation Condor
~ The Armor of Gods
~ Drunken Master

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Jackie Chan celebrated his 51st birthday last April 7 in HongKong (the same day we migrated to Canada 4 years ago)!

GOD'S Perfect Timing

I started taking up my tax course in September with the attitude of come what may. My biggest dilemna is where to leave my kids if and when I started working.

In September, I met this Filipino family who has a son going to the same school as my son, and the other son is going to the same school as my daughter. And we instantly become friends.

I started my 3-week training for my job in January (this training is without pay) and this family offered to care for my kids at no cost. She then introduced me to another Filipino family in our building who is willing to take care of my kids once I started working. The first family ends up picking up both my kids from school, and dropping them off at the second family. Everything was just perfect!

Last March, the first family bought a townhouse and is moving out of our building on the last day my contract ends.

A perfect timing indeed! GOD do works in mysterious ways.

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Take time out to take a look at this video.... the artist is very talented! -- 2003 Seoul

Optical Illusions

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Do you see a face? or a word?

How many horses do you see?