GOD'S Perfect Timing

I started taking up my tax course in September with the attitude of come what may. My biggest dilemna is where to leave my kids if and when I started working.

In September, I met this Filipino family who has a son going to the same school as my son, and the other son is going to the same school as my daughter. And we instantly become friends.

I started my 3-week training for my job in January (this training is without pay) and this family offered to care for my kids at no cost. She then introduced me to another Filipino family in our building who is willing to take care of my kids once I started working. The first family ends up picking up both my kids from school, and dropping them off at the second family. Everything was just perfect!

Last March, the first family bought a townhouse and is moving out of our building on the last day my contract ends.

A perfect timing indeed! GOD do works in mysterious ways.

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Take time out to take a look at this video.... the artist is very talented! -- 2003 Seoul