Last 10 CDs I bought 2 weeks before moving to Canada
~ Martin Nievera's Forever
~ Martin Nievera's Forever Forever
~ Martin Nievera's Return to Forever
~ Martin Nievera's Greatest Hits Vol. II
~ Joey Albert's OPM Timeless Collection
~ Ngayon at Kailanman Collector's Edition of Basil Valdes
~ Hindi Kita Malilimutan Collector's Edition of Basil Valdes
~ The Best of Apo Hiking Society Vol. I
~ The Best of Apo Hiking Society Vol. II
~ Gary Valenciano's Greatest Hits Vol. I

Top 10 Movies I watched over and over again
~ The Sound of Music: Julie Andrews
~ Dirty Dancing: Patrick Swayze
~ Grease: Olivia Newton-John
~ Somewhere in Time: Christopher Reeve
~ Dave: Kevin Kline
~ Beaches: Bette Midler
~ Disney's Beauty and the Beast
~ Superman: Christopher Reeve
~ Lethal Weapon: Mel Gibson
~ Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford

Jackie Chan's movies I watch over and over again
~ Around the World in 80 days
~ The Medallion
~ The Tuxedo
~ Rush Hour
~ Who am I?
~ First Strike
~ Police Story
~ Operation Condor
~ The Armor of Gods
~ Drunken Master

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Jackie Chan celebrated his 51st birthday last April 7 in HongKong (the same day we migrated to Canada 4 years ago)!


Matapoor said...

My husband is a big Jackie Chan fan. He would have loved to raid your collection! hehe

techguy said...

hey, paborito ko yan, Basil Valdez

Junnie said...

finally...(your comment box is giving me problems, when i want to comment, its down)

i love this list. it shows your character and how you really love the singers and actors you mentioned despite the many choices out there. OPM really throws us back to Manila. It's always a nice feeling listening to them. My MP3s are mostly OPM too.:)

JO said...

hi An/Joey, thanks for dropping by.

hi junnie, mas relaxing pa din ang makinig ng mga lumang kanta, mas may meaning, maganda ang mga messages...

Vintage Star said...

wow, i've never met a female jackie chan fan. i like him too, especially in rush hour with chris tucker.

JO said...

I'm actually a fan since his Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagle Shadow movies... that's in the 70s... hehehe....