Thoughts #1

Today is wednesday, my only day-off from work (I work 6 days a week). My day started with getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off. After that, I have the peace and quiet house all to myself, not to mention a messy house too! ",)

My mornings are spent doing laundry, picking up toys on the floor then vacuumming the second floor... after that it will be time to pick up my daughter from school... then as soon as we got home, its cooking and lunch time.

Next in line will be more laundry, more cleaning and more vacuumming in the living room, dining room, kitchen and den... of course in between these chores I sit on my computer to blog, to surf, and to rest. ",)

I find that I tend to do more when I do the chores part by part and sit on my computer in between... hehehe... because if I do it continuously I tend to get tired and not finish any of the chores. ",)

Tonight, I have to iron my hubby's office clothes and at the same time watch American Idol's result and CSI: New York. If there's nothing good to watch, I won't be able to finish this chore. ",)

Now you learn one more thing about me -- ang tamad tamad ko!


denden said...

ako den i spend more time surfing, resting, sitting in front of my computer than actually doing the chores i'm supposed to do. my mum always say "ang tamad tamad ko daw." hehe.

pero you shouldn't be too hard on yourself since you only get one day off. have a nice day :)

techguy said...

Jo nilink kita, if you won't mind


Junnie said... and i have the same type of work mentality. we intentionally leave things for some time to come back to it and finish in a while. sign of lack of attention span and a good reason to call it multi-tasking....pero that's really how we work...(teka luto muna ako ng Brunch ko ha)...balik ako mamaya...

JO said...

Joey, thanks!

Denden, lahat naman yata ng mga moms eh ganoon, tamad daw ang mga anak nila... ganoon na din ako sa panganay ko, di kasi marunong magligpit ng mga laruan niya eh. so nasabihan ko ng tamad minsan... hehehe... kanino pa kaya ng mana??? ",)

Junnie, its not lack of attention span in my case, its just that super tamad ako! mas mahaba ang pag pahinga ko kaysa sa trabaho.

I didn't get any ironing done that night, I decided to pack up our winter stuff instead, and clean up my storage room.

Vanessa said...

We're so the same Jo! I try to multitask yet I end up procrastinating half of my chores. I only work 5 days a week yet I never seem to get things done at home. I wish it's easy having katulong here like in the Philippines. I would've just played around with my pictures, beautiful papers and embellishments all day long rather than cooking, cleaning, washing & ironing and soon, gardening pa...hay buhay!

Vintage Star said...

hi jo. i don't think that's tamad! you do so much, even on your day off. even though i used to work 6 days/week in the philippines, i don't think i could do that now. kulang na kulang ang weekend for me!

don't be so hard on yourself. enjoy your breaks :)

JO said...

Vanessa/Vangie, thanks! yan ang buhay sa abroad... you just have to do everything!

suze said...

duh?!? tamad ikaw?!? you should me when (not) in action! hahahaha and to think that i only have to clean one room, MY ROOM!!!!! sabi nga ng nanay ko, pwede na raw bahayan ng sawa! you can imagine na for youself! hehehehehehehe