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Senior citizens Meredith and Gretchen just had the most unbelievable guardian angel with them! They are 69 and 66 years old. They have managed to stay out of being eliminated.... Congratulations to the seniors for making it to the top 4!

Wouldn't it be nice to see them win the Amazing Race with Rob and Amber just seconds behind them???

Thanks to Lynn and Alex for standing up to Rob and Amber (the episode where they got a taxi first and Rob and Amber wants to share it with them, and they said "no"... remember that scene?)!

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I can't believe that my favorite, Anwar Robinson, is out of American Idol. waaaaahhhh... If only I can vote, he would still be in the competetion.

Oh well, there can only be one American Idol in the end, matira matibay!!!


Vintage Star said...

ay nako, i loved anwar too. and nadia. and constantine. all the people that got voted off! of the ones remaining, i only like vonzell.

man, rob and amber are so lucky! i don't want them to win, but i have a feeling they will. boo.

Toni said...

I'm rooting for Bo naman and for Meredith & Gretchen! Anyone but Rob & Amber!

suze said...

how can i possibly forget that scene? i was like shouting at the TV, GO, GIRLFRIENDS!!!!!! ganyan, give them a dose of their own medicine and make it bitter pa!!!!! bad 'no? dunno... i don't know (rob and amber) personally but they really irritated the heck out of me, especially, when rob was giving all his smart-alecky comments that clearly showed how mean he was. hopefully, he's a better person than he was during the race. kaya nga it was a great loss (i doubt if anybody would be "brave" enough to say anything) to see them go...