4 years ago,
~ I gave up my job of 10 years and migrated to Canada
~ I sold all of our stuff back home and donated most of my kid's toys and clothes
~ In Canada, I choose to became a stay-home mom
~ We live in a bare apartment and it was my first time to clean the bathroom

4 months ago,
~ I got my first job in Canada
~ My son celebrated his 8th birthday
~ I started my training with people from all over the world -- Indians, Sri Lankans, Russians, Polish, Lebanese, Cantonese, Chinese, Germans and French
~ I left my kids with a Filipino family who were a total stranger to me (at that time)

4 days ago,
~ was my son's first confession and first communion
~ he also earned his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do
~ my contract ends
~ am back to being a full time mom

4 hours ago,
~ prepared my daughter for her show and tell at school in the morning
~ witness the elimination of Scott Savol in American Idol
~ then watched (for the nth time) Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx
~ multi tasking between laundry and blog hopping


Junnie said...

4 days ago, I was in Toronto.
4 days to go, I'll be back and enjoy na naman ako!