I'm thankful for...

In no particular order --

  1. GOD's never ending blessings
  2. My parents, brothers, and sisters
  3. My husband and kids
  4. Hubby's family
  5. Our relatives and friends
  6. The day hubby was born
  7. My Independence day
  8. Hubby's job and paycheck
  9. Hubby washing the dishes at night
  10. Love, health, shelter and clothing
  11. Rent, mortgage and grocery money
  12. Our Honda Civic
  13. TV, digital camera and cellphones
  14. Computer, emails and internet
  15. Debit cards, credit cards and internet banking
  16. Health and dental insurance coverage
  17. Vacuum cleaner, washer and dryer
  18. Family and friends visiting us
  19. Gameboy SP, books and toys for kids
  20. Playground and parks
  21. Disneywold and free plane tickets
  22. Hallmark cards, letters and our postman
  23. Air-conditioner and electric fan
  24. Photo albums and scrapbooks
  25. The day I met hubby (November 1988)
  26. The day we became a couple (October 1993)
  27. The day of his marriage proposal (June 1994)
  28. The day we got married (October 1995)
  29. The birth of our [hyper-active] son (January 1997)
  30. The birth of our [shy] daughter (August 2000)
  31. Nora Daza's recipe books
  32. Kraft dinner (cheesy macaroni) and instant noodles
  33. Dollar store and Wal-mart
  34. Winter = white christmas
  35. Spring = flowers
  36. Summer = family picnic and day trips
  37. Fall = fall colors
  38. Drive-in movies
  39. Public library's (free) DVD collection
  40. Blogger.com and Blogskins.com

and a lot lot more ... too many to mention ...


Junnie said...

I thank God for every day that He provides me, to love Him, serve Him and to be with my wife.