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How does your parish celebrate First Communion?

My son goes to a French Public School instead of the Catholic School, simply because we wanted him to be bilingual. And our Parish is "sort of" discriminating kids who are taking their first communion but are not attending catholic school. Our Parish is so weird, they are not organized, they don't make announcements, and the volunteers doesn't know anything! My son attended saturday catechism classes for weeks, and yet they never thought him how to do his first confession???

Sunday, on their First Communion mass, the kids were asked to go in front and sing at the end of the mass, and since most of the kids are from the catholic school, the teacher just asked these kids from catholic school to go in front, leaving 3 kids (including my son) who are from the French school to just sit and wait! So when all the parents gather in front to take pictures, I suddenly noticed that my son was not with them... This just made me so mad! I just have to figure out where to write my complaint!

This is our second parish, our first one was very organized, and every week they made announcements after announcements, they even reminded those who are not attending catholic school to register their kids for the Communion... Catechism classes included the parents too and they even got homework! Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with this parish of ours... maybe that's how Italians are???


Vintage Star said...

what a bummer. i'm very impressed with all the churches i've been to here in the states, especially in kansas. very organized and solemn. maybe you could look for another parish, even if it's a little bit farther than your current one. you'll get distracted from the scripture if you're not happy with the way it's run.

good luck!

Junnie said...

this incident doesnt speak well about the Catholic Church and the way the number of people hearing mass and receiving the sacraments are dwindling. it should have been a great opportunity to have more people appreciate the beauty of the sacrament... kaso the other way around happened...what's important though is that your son understood and received his First Communion.

JO said...

Our first parish wasn't like this. I plan to find a different church for my daughter's first communion and my son's confirmation.

denden said...

That is so sad to hear jo. In our parish every Sunday they encourage parents whose kids aren't on catholic schools to take their kids to catechism classes and they inform them regularly about confirmation, first communion etc.