Thoughts #3

Ever since I started dreaming about my future... I never thought of being a stay-home mom! It's just not part of my plans.

I can see my sister as a stay-home mom, its in her personality and she's very good around the house too... both of my sister-in-laws (on my side) are both stay-home mom too simply because they chose to be... ME? I never thought I'd be one. Even though we all grew up without maids most of the time, I still get to sit around the house and watch TV while my sister do all the work.

During the 4 years that we've been in Canada and being a stay-home mom, these are some of the things I've learned:

  1. If before all I know is how to prepare sandwiches, instant noodles, fry hotdogs/spam, take note: I don't even know how to cook sunny side up eggs without breaking the yolk... now I've learned how to cook real food that I can serve to family/friends

  2. If before my hobbies includes collecting stamps and stationaries... now I've added scrapbooking and journaling (of my kids developments/achievements)... and hopefully quilting in the near future

  3. If before all I know is how to access my email via lotus notes at the office and know nothing about the internet... now I've learned HTML, webdesign, surfing the internet, blogging and chatting online.

  4. If before all I do is put my pictures in an album... now I've learned how to turn these pictures into family videos with effects and sounds, of course with the help of a software and design a family website for our family and friends back home

  5. If before I would sit in front of the tv after dinner till bedtime... now I still do that but at the same time multi tasking between other house chores and kids

  6. If before I am dependent on maids to do my house chores and take care of my kids... now I've learned to juggle these tasks with ease

  7. If before I hold on to all of my old stuff, whether I have use for it or not... now I've learned to donate to those who are in need and its a rewarding feeling indeed
So is migrating worth it? Is giving up my career back home and being a stay-home mom worth it? A lot of people has been asking me these questions... my answer is defintiely a YES! There are pros and cons of migrating... but overall it is definitely worth it! :,)


Vintage Star said...

That's great! We're very similar, except I have never been a stay-at-home mom and am scared that I won't be very good at it. In any case, I feel the same way about migrating, it has definitely made me a better person and it's worth it!

JO said...

Hi Vangie, I have never thought I'd be a stay home mom too... but I am now, and though I get bored at times... nothing would replace the time spent with my kids during their toddlers and informative years. ",)

kai said...

You're right jo, being a SAHM is worth all the efforts although we miss the 9-5 routine and the adult conversation in the office, it is all the more rewarding to talk with our kids especially with mine who's so inquisitive at 3. True, boring sometimes especially if my kids have their afternoon nap but doing all the household chores keeps me busy too and yes, i'm learning to cook na din.