Busy bee #1

Check out our pictures from last saturday's road trip to Bracebridge and Gravenhurst, Muskoka with Junnie and Mitzi.

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What will beat working from 9 to 5? At home sitting in front of the computer for 10-15 hours a day!

I was blog hopping when I came across David and Lynneth's blog and personal homepage, which inspired me to re-do my family website. Thanks to Lynneth!

So, after 9 whole days of "bonding" with my computer, I am almost ready to come out with my new family website! Almost, because I have to go through it one last time to make sure there are no broken links and no misspelled words.

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Kids are looking forwards to the arrival of Lola this Friday. Too bad their Lolo wasn't able to book a ticket to Canada (though he will be in New York by next week). hmmmm... it would be nice to visit NY again for the summer.

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Have you tried googling yourself? What would you do if you find yourself in google? I tried googling myself, hubby and my kids and what do you know? You will see us in google.. Hubby wasn't too happy about it... he's afraid we might have our identities stolen (which is very rampant here in North America).

So should I just stop blogging? Should I just take off our family website from the web permanently? Am I giving away too many personal information? What are your thoughts on this?

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Now, I gotta get off this computer and do some chores!


Toni said...

I have googled myself several times, hehehe. I use my real name for e-zine articles and of course for work-related stuff so that's how it turns up online! I don't use my full name in blogging though because of that identity theft scare too. But oh well, I just hope and pray that doesn't happen to me. Thieves can be very sneaky!

Junnie said...

I dont worry about identity theft, wala naman silang mananakaw...identity lang...heheh. i cant do anything about google now, i've been in the web for the last 9 years...so my name is probably plastered all around...

it was a great saturday...hopefully more trips this summer for you and the kids and less "bonding" with the PC heheh

kai said...

Haha, I tried googling myself and found some results like when I was looking for some kapamilya. I'm a Difuntorum pre-Ouano, my dad is from La Union and clueless me tried to searched what the surname stands for. I got my answers so I stop the search only to check it again when I googled myself. It's real fun.