Only 13 Hours

Friday - June 17
My MIL arrived and we just can't believe that her direct flight from Beijing to Toronto is just 13 hours! And here I am thinking of taking Viarail (train) to NY for the summer with the kids. This trip is also 13 hours long!

My kids were so happy and excited to see their Lola (grandma), because Lola always got lots of stuff for them!

Saturday - June 18
Today was the last day of my son's tae kwon do class. And upon his request, we had lunch at Applebee's.

Then went straight to a warehouse of beddings and home furnishings. Everything is on sale and it is really really cheap. It's nice to go shopping with my MIL, because she paid for everything! Thanks Mom! :-)

Sunday - June 19
We attended the 9 am mass... and to celebrate Father's day, we had lunch at Red Lobsters. Really the best value for your money! The only way to avoid the crowd is to be there at the time the establishment opens. Yup, we were their first customer for the day. And as we headed out after our delicious meal, I heard the host saying that the waiting time is 1 to 1.5 hours.

We also pass by the bank machine, and my son, after counting his Lola's money, said "Lola don't waste all your money on shopping... I don't want to go shopping." Still, we stop by this Liquidation center and did a little shopping... but when he saw that beside the Liquidation center is Toys R Us, he said "this is where the money goes. Lola, let's go shopping now."

After putting the kids to bed at 8:30pm, Hubby and I sneak out to catch the last show of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the big theater... Would you believe that the last movie we watched on the big screen was Matrix 3 (in 2003)? My MIL was also here at that time. Back in the Philippines, hubby and I were always updated with the recent movies. Here, we only get to go to the theater when my MIL is visiting.

Monday - June 20
MIL left for NY to visit my SIL and family. She'll be back on sunday in time to celebrate hubby's birthday. It's a good thing she's already in NY when the limo drivers decided to strike.


kai said...

Hi Jo,

No matter what hectic sked we've had as long as we spent it with our family, every minute is worth it. Take care.

TinTin said...

Just 13 hours? Heheh. that sounds like a long time to be on a train if I don't have to. no matter what mode of transportation you decide to take I hope you arrive there safely.

JO said...

its just that if we took the train, the fare is less than $400(for me and my 2 kids), but if we choose to fly, its gonna costs us $1100+. i know its a long trip, but viarail is quiet comfortable.

Toni said...

That's a lovely poem and a lovely card, Jo!