Ever since we live in a single income, everything has to be on the budget... we need to space out things that we buy... and no matter how tight the budget is, I still manage to squeeze in about $5-15 a month for my passion which is now more on scrapbooking. I am not very "creative" like the ones I see on the web, but I try to be (a copycat)... ",)

Whenever hubby sees me down on the carpet organizing pictures, he would ask "I thought we don't have money anymore, where did that come from?" And I would just grin at him. It is amazing how time flies when I am down on the carpet...

Last night, as I was blog hopping, I came across this blog and scrapbooking tips. So what have I been doing wrong? Well, scrapbook albums and materials are really expensive, so I try to squeeze in as much pictures as I could in one page, which tend to make it just a little crowded. The best way of doing it is to keep it simple.

It's a good thing I am not into online shopping, otherwise, I would be spending more since there's lots of online shops that sells a huge variety of scrapbook materials. Believe me, it is very very tempting! ",)

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I can't believe its been a week since my last post. I've bee busy updating my family website, I was practically hook up on my computer for the whole week except for the weekends, and up to now it is not yet done.


Vintage Star said...

hi jo. have you heard of that scrapbooking magazine? i forget the name but i saw it on oprah once. might be worth checking out (i like magazines because it's chock-ful of tidbits). scrapbooking is a great hobby and a great way of presenting memories, but i don't have the creative gene for it.

Junnie said...

you probably are in heaven going to Michael's?

its always nice to see your offline scrapbooks, Jo! keep it up, the kids will appreciate it one day!

JO said...

I shy away from Michael's, super tempting kasi.