Summer is here

~ SATURDAY, June 4 ~

We went on a road trip to Eugenia Falls and Lake in South Grey County, about 1.5 hours drive.

~ SUNDAY, June 5 ~

was spent in Cherry Beach in downtown Toronto. Imagination run wild when my kids decided to make a small pool by the sand, surrounded by rocks and fills them with water.

A couple sitting in a park car facing the beach front were observing my kids. During one of my trips back to the car to get some things, the lady said to me: "you have a lovely family. your daughter seems to be copying her brother but she has a mind of her own." -- she was referring to the fact that my son started something on the sand, but then my daughter decided to do one on her own (the small pool), and since she has the pail, my son ended up joining her. :-)


My greatest fear was cutting my fingers off while chopping onions or garlic or any type of meat... and it "almost" happened while chopping some onions. I cut through my middle finger and it was quite deep and it hurt a lot too. I feel a little numbness in the left arm for a few minutes after that... It's a good thing I didn't cut it all the way... :-( oh, I can't imagine what it would feel like if that happened (shrivering)...


Junnie said...

wooohooo! Summer Fun!

Galing ng pictures! We used the weekend to drive around too. But last Sunday, with the Heat wave alert or whatever, we spent the rest of the afternoon after mass indoors...hehehe.

Is Spring done na? Welcome Summer na nga ba?

Tin said...

try to use a small yet very sharp kitchen knife to cut onions and the like. that way, you can control the knife very well.

i hope you get over your fear soon. :)

JO said...

junnie, actually the air is cool by the beach last sunday. And would you believe that a TTC bus stops right in front of the beach? Galing for the commuters! We were supposed to invite you guys, kaya lang as usual, last minute na naman ng decide si hubby.

hi tin, thanks! I use a small knife now.

Vintage Star said...

youch! i have a fear of being cut too, that's why i don't cook, he he. i'm glad it wasn't deeper.

oh, i'm so jealous! weather's been strange here (it's raining now) so too cold for the beach. nice that your family had fun :)

fennymun said...

Nice pictures. Seems that the kids had a great time. :)

JO said...

Thanks Fenny for dropping by.