Thoughts #4

Extra money, extra "unforseen" expenses???

Have you ever wonder why whenever you have extra money, something will go wrong and you end up spending it?

The extra money I was referring to was the money I earned during my 3- month contract job. And let me tell you... it was like my vacuum cleaner and sunglasses knows that I have the money to replace them and they decided to retire! So I ended up buying a new vacuum cleaner for $130 and a new (prescription) sunglasses for $200... I cannot live without both of them. Also I needed to replace my son's eyeglasses as his prescription has change. And even though the optical store has the "buy 1 get 1 free" offer, I still spent $184 for his (2 pairs) eyeglasses.

That's already 3, so what's next??? My cellphone decided to retire too... although I've been wanting to get a new cellphone, I kept on postponing it as I don't really need a new one... but now I have to get one. And this is gonna cost me another $160 for a Nokia 6010.

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Moping the traditional way?

How do you clean your floors? I tried swifter wetjet, its convenient - all you need is the power mop ($27+), the solution ($4+ average/month) and disposable pads ($9+ for 12 pcs) ... no need to wait for the floor to dry... no need for a bucket... quite easy? yes. but does it really clean? NOPE! it's a waste of money!

Next, I tried another similar product for a one-time cost of $35+, but this one doesn't need any solution nor disposable pads, quite a savings indeed if you think about it. All you need is a little water and mop away, after that you can just throw the pad in the washing machine and reuse it... I saw the demonstration and was really impressed. But then, the different tiles they used for the demonstration is not the same tiles we have at home... again easy? yes. but does it actually clean? yes, but still not as clean as I wanted it to be. But definitely better than the wetjet.

So what's the best way to clean the floors? The best way is still the traditional way of a bucket of warm water with soap and a mop! A lot of work, but definitely worth doing if you really want a clean and shiny floor. ",)


denden said...

Extra money, extra unforseen expenses???
parang the more you earn, the more you spend. i swear i used to save more when i was a student than now. hmm, bad i know.

ako den i prefer to use the traditional map and bucket. :)

Vintage Star said...

i totally agree on the swiffer! i hate it too. when i used it i ended up re-mopping the floor. just to use the pads up, sometimes i use it to retouch a not-so-dirty floor when guests are coming :)