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Saturday, July 9

It's time for another road trip. This time its to the African Lion Safari in Cambridge.

Here, the visitors are the one cage inside their cars/bus... while the animals roam around in 40 hectare of reserves.

We started the day with a series of shows... lunch in between the boat ride and a scenic train ride... then a bus trip down the reserve area. It's a good thing we decided to take the bus tour instead of using our own car... or else, these monkeys would be on top of our car too.

It was a really a hot summer day! Lots of fun but really really hot!

We ended the day at the Misumu Bay wet play area (also located inside the Safari).

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Sunday, July 10

A friend's neighbor has the heart of gold to just give me her 3-piece sofa set and a mirror. All in perfect condition. She was like Monica in the TV series Friends, always cleaning the house... its definitely the best and most expensive "hand me downs" I have ever received. Now, all I need are some throw pillows...

She also got 2 kids, a boy and a girl, 6 and 8 years old... and this is the first time I've been to a house with kids but no toys in sight! Everything is in place. I was told that the boy just play xbox and the girl just watch tv. They don't really play with toys. Is that good or bad? Good for the parents, bad for the kids??? Hmmmm...

Many many thanks to Junnie and Mitzi for helping us move the sofa set.


evi said...

That's exactly what people say when they come to my place. You don't see toys around except in my son's bedroom and neatly fixed. If you read one of my entries entitled "it runs in the family", you will come to know why. I guess, your friend's neighbor and I are in the same boat.

You've been around. Good for you! I miss going places but my husband and I have tight schedules.

Love to browse your photos. Btw, I'm glad I can leave my comments where it should be.

JO said...

Hi Evi,

the family I'm referring to doesn't have any toys in the whole house at all... not in their bedrooms nor in the basement nor in the backyard... I just saw some few stuff toys neatly arranged on top of their beds. That's it! I don't even remember seeing any books in the house.

kai said...

Wish I had a neighbor just like you. I'm lloking for a sofa set, preferrably free of charge and I wonder how will I able to get the kids put their respective toys in the big plastic container bought for the purpose of storing toys. With two more kids around the house, it's really like a zoo full of toys. The good thing is that the two girls are helpful in "tidying up" the "kalat" and my boys decided to follow them.

I guess it's better if kids play all the time instead of watching tv all day and doing the computer games. In actual play, the kids learn to be creative. Nat even named his car truck driver "buchu-buchu".

Enjoy the summer fun. Thanks for the call pala, i'll keep in touch.

Junnie said...

no problem. it was my exercise for the day....ganyan din ako ng bata...trained to keep my toys where they should be...ngayon din you wont see my toys in the apartment...meron pa rin hehehe

missed the safari...ok uulitin...kakamustahin ko rin ang mga friends kong monkeys soon :)

JO said...

hi kai, hayaan mo hahanapan din kita ng sofa... I've got friends who just throw their stuff away, so just let me know what you need.

hi junnie, let's plan for our next road trip/picnic for next month... i know fully book ka na this month eh...