Blooper (1994)

I drove a jeepney once in Coron... I was just a beginner then, I had 8 passengers (all our friends), the owner, our 'host friend' was beside me, and there were two guys (his employees) hanging at the back. I panic when the break doesn't seem to work and I had to maneuver to the left to avoid hitting a tricycle... eventually I managed to stop the jeep, nearly hitting a wall, but one of the guy hanging at the back fell off some distance back (I didn't even notice as I was busy trying to break. Later I found out he was ok!). As I recall this incident, I could feel my heart beating fast (even after all these years). My first and last time!

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Blog Hopping
  • I was blog hopping when I encounter my first "celebrity" blog. Any other celebrity blogs that you know?
  • Having a bad day? It can't be as bad as this couple had with the grocery personnel to credit cards and insurance to internet and plane tickets.
  • And this photoblog makes me miss the Philippines... Hubby and I used to go to Tagaytay a lot during our "dating" days.

  • I will be busy the next few days as I try Digital Scrapbooking inspired by Hanagirl's creation. Wish me luck.


Naomi said...

goodluck to your scrapbook sis!
Happy LONG Weekend! =

Lynn said...

Hi Jo nainggit na naman ako, you are going to digi-scrap, I bought a guidebook for that, tapos ng kalahating taon di ko pa nabuksan ang libro... I wish we can do it together, haaayy, if only I have enought time. Patingin ha pag may natapos ka na ;-) Have a nice weekend!

JO said...

Hi Naomi, Thanks!

Hi Lynn, buti nga at may book ka, ako wala, trial and error, kayang i'm sure it will take a lot of time... bakasyon ka dito and let's learn together.

evi said...

when i read hanagirl's entry on digital scrapbooking, i got excited. what first got me interested is the trend of wedding digital albums in the philippines. share us your digital scrapbook ha.

Naomi said...

OFF TOPIC: pls try to change a new tagboard, it's not working eh. I visited a number of times here, ayaw gumana. Si Evi nga, nagpalit na rin =(

JO said...

Hi Evi, you'll definitely see my digital scrapbook once I am ready.

denden said...

i want to learn scrapbooking but i have no time yet. okay, i have time but i'm a bit lazy. haha. maybe i'll have digital scrapbooking a go. :-)

JO said...

Hi Denden. Just try it out for one day and you'll be amaze by it that you'll be addicted to it (like me).