My Little Boy Blue

A poem by Vicci Morris

Here, there, and everywhere,
I run and I shout, I get angry, I get mad,
and I pull my hair out.

I rant and I rave, I plead and I scream;
"My child must hate me", So it does seem.

Homework's a hassle and chores never get done;
I plead and I bargain, but he just wants to have fun.

One minute we're working, everything is okay;
The next he is playing, having gone astray.

I search high and low, he's run down the street
and I find myself screaming, "Get back here or get beat"

He quickly comes running, his head held low,
"Mommy, I forgot I wasn't supposed to go"

Then I feel ashamed for screaming at him;
He can't help he does this time and again.

Everyday is different and a challenge to get through...
ADHD is the culprit, not my little boy blue.

It makes him sad and angry, impulsive and not all there;
It's a battle all his own, one in which I cannot share.

"No, I can't do it" he will often sigh, and
"Mom, I'm just stupid" brings tears to my eyes.

I hold him and I love him;
It's all that I can do, but then he forgets
and he's off to the moon.

Johnny got a new truck and I want one, too!
It's yellow and red and...the sky is so blue....

Look, there's a plane with a long, curly trail...
It reminds me of puppies with white, fluffy tails....

Everyday is a battle and chaos reins,
The child is winning and I'm going INSANE!!

:: :: :: :: ::

It's a daily struggle to have an ADHD child! I know its not his fault, he just can't help with the way he is... his arms and feet think and move faster than his brain and reasoning... so how do you help an ADHD child cope with life??? Is medicating him the only way to help him?


Vintage Star said...

i know there's a lot of controversy on medicating children nowadays, but i do believe in their value. my stepson, who's borderline ADD, has many friends who are ADD, and i've seen them both on and off meds. the meds really help not just in the short term but i believe for the general well-being of the child. good luck!

Junnie said...

you dont have to if you think he reacts differently to it...medication is also one of those needed with moderation...

JO said...

I see a big difference when my son is on medication... it pains me to see that he NEEDS it so that he can get good grades in school and stay away from trouble.

I'm just worried of the long term effect of the medication... right now, it affected his appetite, he doesn't eat anything in school, his lunch was left untouch... but he eats a lot when he gets home from school.

It's a good thing its summer now... he if off his medication until school starts again.