Three things (part 2)

Three events in your life that you deem "life changing":

  1. Declaration of my independence that started with my trip to the U.S.A.
  2. Getting married and starting a family of my own
  3. Migrating to Canada
Three events in your life that you wish never happened:

  1. The pain and heart break I cause to M
  2. My son diagnosed as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  3. ... hmmmm ... can't seem to think of anything else ...
Three things you want to accomplish in the next three years:

  1. Visit Manila with the whole family
  2. Find a permanent, full time job once my daughter starts Grade 1
  3. Buy a bigger car (like mazda 5) or a van
Three things you craved or missed a lot:

  1. Weekly movie night/date with hubby (without the kids)
  2. Jo-nis mocca chiffon cake and Filipino food
  3. Mangoes and pomelo
Three people that are too important to you that you have to leave behind:

  1. Our family
  2. Jeannie, my favorite cousin and her family
  3. Mimi, my bestfriend since high school


ANALYSE said...

erm, pede makisali, kahit dun lang sa accomplishment...i want to buy a car with airconditionning! mine is an old pawis-steering na nga, wala pang aircon, tho it's still running well, medyo it's giving me headache na during summer, parang feel ko madehydrate...kaya lang my bank account isnt that 'fat' yet :(

evi said...

really your son was diagnosed with ADHD? did you get a second opinion? here when your son or daughter is a little bit active, they immediately conclude it as ADHD. Kids are normally active. I don't believe in this disease.

JO said...

i see a big difference when my son is on and off medication... the medication did help him do his work at school. keep him away from trouble. i only medicate him on school days.

i don't believe much in medicating kids, my research shows that its mostly lack of iron... so i'm trying to cook food rich in irons and he also take vitamins for iron deficiency. hopefully he wont need it this coming school year.

Vintage Star said...

awwww... jo-ni's! i haven't had that in a loooong time! you know, my favorite was the red icing, when there's writing on the cake, kahit wala namang lasa :)

mama jenn said...

hi. just saw this entry. got interested with your son being diagnosed with adhd.

how old was he then? how is he now? is he on ot?

pasensiya ka na sa pang-uurirat. :D

JO said...

Hi Jenn,

he was 7 when he was diagnosed... but ever since he was 5, I can already notice the symptoms.

Anonymous said...

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