Entry # 100: SAHM

I have never denied the fact that I hate household chores or I have never thought I'd be a stay at home mom (SAHM)! I am not a homebody. But choosing to live in a different country, I have to make sacrifices and choices.

So how do I keep myself busy at home? Some of you might find this boring. But I just have to look at it the positive way.

Year 1 and 2:
The first 2 years of our lives here were full of adjustments, not only on my part, but for the whole family. Adjusting to house chores... taking care of the kids fulltime without any help... to the cold weather and four season... the different culture and languages... the different religions and traditions...

Learning how to cook is the main thing! I couldn't even fry an egg without breaking the yolk. I don't even know how to cook adobo or sinigang, which later on I realize are very simple. I don't even know what "gisa" mean, honestly! Ganoon ako ka bobo sa kusina (that's how dumb I am in the kitchen). It's a good thing I got Nora Daza and Del Monte Kitchenette to help me. And I've come a long way...

I also did some volunteer work at my son's school and with a social worker. It was mostly administrative work, but I had fun, a break from my daily routine. Everything was quite convenient for me too as the social worker would drop off the work at my apartment and once I'm done, I will give her a call and she will come and pick it up. It doesn't require me to be away from my kids.

I also keep myself busy by journaling my kid's toddler years... all the "first" of my daughter... and the inquisitiveness of my son.

Year 3:
We moved to another city and I continued volunteering at my son's second school and also at the community center. We also started travelling domestically during spring/summer/fall as we enjoy the scenery of Ontario.

I have always hated reading textbooks back in my college days, so I was so relieved when I graduated. But here I am, hitting those textbooks again... this time it was to study and learn HTML coding. I've always been interested in building my own website since I discovered it 6 years ago, but I just didn't have the time then. So with the help of HTML for Dummies and Angelfire.com, I finally came up with my own family website.

Later in the year, I went back to part-time school. I took a short course on Taxation which pave way to my first job.

Year 4 (this year):
I started blogging and this is my 100th entry... I can't believe I've reached this far.

Thank you to my regular visitors!

I worked as a contractual during the tax season. It was both fun and tiring for me since I work 6 days a week and on some days I have to work for 11 straight hours. But it was a good feeling to bring home a paycheck for a change.

Right now, I'm hitting those textbooks again studying about Digital Scrapbooking and Adobe Photoshop.

And towards the end of the year, I will go back to training (a refresher course) in preparation for the coming tax season.

We are also in the process of waiting for our Canadian Citizenship before the year ends.


Junnie said...

That's good. Everyone goes through the same "hockey-stick" kinda life. Even your blog shows the same pattern.

The only thing important is that we improve and become consistent at it. Both household chores and journalling.

Congrats. I thought lagpas ka ng 100 entries!!! it seems like yesterday ka lang nagstart :)

kai said...

I agree to the fullest degree. Migration awaken the homemaker in me and my domesticated side was unleashed. I've been a multi-tasker ever since.

The best part about being SAHM is the chance to really take care of the kids and seeing their happy chubby little faces melt all the woes away.

JO said...

Thanks Junnie.

Hi Kai, that's my BEST consolation.

Lynn said...

Jo, I agree with Kai, I believe there's nothing more rewarding and wonderful than witnessing firsthand the "firsts" of your child. Isn't it amazing when they see a cow and they go "baaa, baa, baaa!" ha ha ha David does it! Still trying to learn.

Good luck to everything. take care!

Naomi said...

yung mister ko, 10 years na dito pero nung ika 5th year pa nya nakuha yung Ciizenship nya. Yung bayaw naman namin, 5 years na dito, hanggang ngayon di pa rin lumalabas yung Citizenship nya, 3 yrs pa sya nag-file. Haaay.. buhay Toronto.

Anyway, I was surprise to have seen u on my tagboard just recently. And now I'm paying back the visit. take care

ANALYSE said...

it's when i left phils that i really learned real independence..i thought i was independent na before. goodluck sa citizenship..

Ka Uro said...

that's the spirit. just continue learning new things. not waiting for luck to come but instead creating your own luck. not complaining and blaming others for their situation but instead doing something to improve it. i wish more people will be as initiative, creative and resourceful as you are.

JO said...

Hi Lynn, amazing talaga ang talino ng mga bata, kahit na di pa nagsasalita, marunong na silang magsabi ng kailangan nila.

Hi Nao, tell your bro-in-law to check up the CIC website for their status. Baka mali lang ang mailing address or missing documents?

Hi Analyse, same here, I thought I knew everything (except cooking), pero di din pala. Pag nagsabay sabay na mahirap din pala. hahaha

Hi Ka Uro, nakakaloka din sa bahay lalo ng pag nasa school ang mga bata, kaya i keep myself busy with this hobby of mine (website and scrapbooking).

fennymun said...

Yes, it really isn't easy to be a SAHM without any help. But it's good that you can have chance to witness the firsts in their childhood whereas at the same time you can do somethingelse at home, like volunteer work. In here (HK), it seems quite impossible. Anyway, have a good time with your kids.

JO said...

Hi Fennymum, yes, its rewarding indeed! Can't really complain.

Thanks for visiting my blog.