First step

Today is a happy day! We took the first step to be Canadian citizens. It's a good thing the Philippine law now recognizes dual citizenships. So we plan to keep it too, afterall, its our Motherland!

We got to the Citizenship office just in the nick of time, we thought we were late. But it turn out that we have to wait for 1.5 hours while the staff check out all our papers and IDs... the exam itself took no more than 10 minutes. Multiple choice, 20 questions.

Now, we wait to get our schedule for the oath taking ceremony (they said it will take approximately 12 weeks).


Junnie said...

woohoo! remember that it's just a piece of paper (just like any of the more impt stuffs in our lives), but the real citizenship is whatever is deep in our hearts and running in our minds.


Linnor said...

congrats to you and your family! :)

Kevin Lam said...

Long time ago, when I was a kid, my kalaro's father was a US veteran who waited for his citizenship. The last time I heard from him, his father finally got it. But only his father was in the US, they are still living at Manila until now. From time to time, thier father will come home to visit them. I just wonder why. I have the impression what was the purpose of having a citizenship if it was not for your next generation?

For me, struggling to adapt a citizenship from a good country is not only for yourself, it's for the future of your kids and the generation that follows.

Congrats sa inyo!

JO said...

Thanks Junnie, Linnor and Lam!