My Top 5 Blogs

The top 5 blogs that I visit every chance that I get are --

Junnie's Memento ~ Canada
First of all, I am fascinated by the pictures in this photoblog. You will be mesmerized at how he look at his surrounding and capturing the beauty of the world. He has travel all over the world and shares his adventures online. His blog is also a "communication" blog. He would always have question/s to encourage his commenters to write about their views, their likes and dislikes, their experiences, and their unforgettable memories... little by little he gets to know these once-upon-a-time-anonynous-blogger as "online friends." He is a writer, an artist, a dedicated photographer... and a friend.

AnP's PinayExpat ~ Germany
A pinay expat who rants about her life in Germany. Her choice of topic is quite interesting and intriguing. I may not be a frequent "commenter" in her blog, but I am a frequent visitor. She is also the founder and editor of PinoyExpats.Org, "an online magazine providing practical information, news features and visuals for the Filipino expatriates in Europe. Our aim is to feature expat opinions, advice and ideas to encourage networking among the Filipinos." She is the first blogger that I know who is being paid to blog. (I wish I could do this too.)

Shai Coggins ~ Australia
I recently discovered this blog. A lady with a lot of talents and very compassionate. Her profile read: "Shai Coggins is a writer, artist, published author, professional blogger, podcaster, online instructor, consultant, publisher, wife, and mum with a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology. No, really." Her projects includes About weblogs, The blogging network and a lot more. I have yet to explore the rest... Another lady who is being paid to blog.

Suze's Muffled Thoughts ~ Philippines
A long lost friend from way back in high school. We found each other thru the web last year and eventually encourage her to blog. She doesn't blog as often as I do, but I love her writings and poems. A truly talented, witty (still undiscovered) writer. Suze, if you are reading this, please update your blog!

Evi's Butterfly Journal ~ Canada
I was looking at her family website when I saw that she also has a blog and since then I have been a frequent visitor. I find her blog interesting, compassionate, full of emotions and very real. Reading her blog I feel that we have a lot in common. I sure hope that I would be able to meet the lady behind this blog someday.

Of course, I am also a frequent visitor to the blog links on the right.

Who's your top 5?


Denny said...

Just stopping by to give you a shout since you visited me! :)

goyong said...

ok na ba iyong hands. Kasi kung ok na bibigyan sana kita ng assignment bilang bagong kakilala kaya lang baka medyo hirap ka sa Pilipinong salita paki shout mo na lang kung ok. Bilang bagong kakilala ikaw kasi ang napili kong pa "TAGayin" sa ko sa pinoy version ng tag "Kuwatro Kantos para sa Apat na Alas." ikaw si KU< KaDyo at Tanggero. Magandang Araw!

JO said...

Denny, thanks for dropping by.

Goyong, hirap ako sa tagalog, pero sige, susubukan ko.

Junnie said...

and this is also a shout saying "Thank you, Jo for making me part of your Top 5"'re doing very well...keep it up!

Shai said...

Oooh. I thought I left a message here saying thanks for adding me to your list of Top 5. Wow. I'm honoured and I really appreciate it. Thanks again. You're a sweetie! :-)

JO said...

Junnie and Shai,

You're welcome!

evi said...

Jo, i missed your tag in my board. now, that i'm trying to cope up by responding to the messages, i just read it. appreciate to know that i belong to your top 5. and of course your blog is on the top of my list as well. not saying this because i'm obliged to but i really do enjoy coming over here and especially your personal website. as i've said, i see myself in you. we have something in common. i can actually attest what i said because i never leave your blog without commenting.

JO said...

Thanks Evi!

AnP said...

oh wow!!!

am honored, Jo!