Optical Illusions #2

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More optical illusion.


denden said...

hi jo! naduling na ko pero di ko makita ung mga sinsasabing nandiyan. i'm crap at optical illusions. :)

evi said...

at a glance, I found (1) woman, horse, wolf, old man and ape (2) horse, wolf, bear, woman and lion.

great optical exercise!

Kevin Lam said...

Optical illusions is one of my favourite! I found everything from picture 1. For picture 2, almost but couldn't find the EAGLE and FATHER.

One more comment in picture 2, I guess some of you may not realize it, did you notice that the woman is actually riding on top of the horse? the horse is showing the whole body.

JO said...

Lam, (optical #2) if you found the bear and the lady, you'll see the eagle in between them a little on the right side. I couldn't find the FATHER either.