Thoughts #6

They say that envy is ignorance. Is it? It is if you let it rule/dominate your world... if you let it ruin the 'good' life that you have...

For me, envy is healthy as it helps me appreciates the blessings that I have... it reminds me to count my blessings and go an extra mile... it reminds me that there are people more or less fortunate than I am and that's ok because we can never have it all... it also tells me its okay to dream, realistically... and reminds me to say a prayer of thanks for what I have and where we are right now!

  • I envy a friend whose 4 kids are now in Florida for a 2-week vacation with their uncle.
  • I envy a friend whose mother is here on extended visits taking care of her grandchildren while both parents work to make ends meet.
Sometimes I wish someone would take my kids away for a day or two, so I will have some time to myself... time alone with hubby without distraction... On the other hand, I'm happy that I don't have to worry about my kids, that my kids are here with me, safe and sound, and in my tender loving care.

At times I feel that I need to get away from my kids, being a SAHM is a 24/7 job, there's no time for me to even get sick. I'm not complaning because it is the most rewarding job out there! All moms knows it.

  • I envy those who were able to buy a house of their own during their first year as immigrants.
On the other hand, I'm happy that my hubby is a good provider... and that we live comfortably especially since we have to rely on a single income. We are still able to enjoy some luxuries in life and get to travel.

  • I envy those whose home is always clean and free of dust.
I have a friend who cleans her house everyday... even when I am visiting, she would still be up in her feet picking up stuff, cleaning all the time. This is just not me!

I see my kids' toys as mess... A friend once said, "its just a book read by the kids and left on the floor. The house is not dirty." -- Am so glad other people see it this way.

Envy is a part of me... I won't deny it... but I don't live my life around it. And I will NEVER allow it to run and ruin my life. But I do want to live a life where envy is NOT a part of me. It is not part of my hubby's vocabulary, I hope that I could take it out of my vocabulary too.


evi said...

as long as we treat envy as a means to achieve more. but sometimes envy can cause us to compare ourselves with the successes of others and then turn bitter towards the more fortunate ones.

you have true colors, jo. you're not ashame to admit. i also feel envious at times. i guess, it's normal. just like you, i don't let envy get in the way of how i want to live life.

JO said...

hi evi,

what you said about being bitter is true... but I have never been bitter to those more fortunate than I am.

naiingit lang ako, and when i told that to my hubby, he somehow has a way of making things right.

Bless said...

hi jo, envy is a self-inflicted misery and it can be devious if you let it eat your whole system. you are on a right track of not letting it ruin your saneness. i commend you for accepting that you are feeling that way coz I believe every person may envy talaga sa katawan. I don't believe when somebody said he/she don't feel envious at times. Like you and evi i do feel it too but i don't live with it.

kai said...

okay lang yang si "envy" na yan as long as we know it's nothing destructive. I admire you for being so vocal about your envies. I do have a lot in my list too and I believe most of the items in your list can be found in mine.

Which reminds me, don't envy those who got a house, mortgage yon, di ba? I have a friend, no, two friends who started singing "Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko", because of their grey hairs courtesy daw of the monthly mortgage payment which sometimes robbed them of their sweet slumber.....

Junnie said...

benchmarking ourselves vs. others is healthy, what we think after is the one that's destructive.

the aspirational concept of being envious is perfectly normal. the obsessive desire to have what you cant have makes it otherwise.

envy is under letter "n" in my dictionary, hehehe.

goyong said...

Kung ginagamit mo naman sa positive ang "envy" para magawa mo ng husay o maachieve mo ang iyong goal hindi naman natin masasabing totally negative ito. Likas siguro sa tao ang maging competitive, gusto mahigitan yong nagawa ng iba. Masama lang kong sinisiraan mo na o bitter ka na sa kanyang mga accomplishment, pero if it drives you to make something better in the same time appreciating the person you "envy's" nagawa hindi natin talaga masasabing "inggit" ito kundi isang "hamon" o "challenge" para gawain mo ng husay ang mga dapat mong gawin.

JO said...

Hi Bless, I agree with you, I believe all of us feel envy at one point in our lives.

Kai, oo nga, at least I dont have to worry about mortgage payments... kaya lang ang sarap din ng may sariling bahay di ba?

Junnie, di naman ako obsessive at destructive... so I am still ok. :-)

Goyong, I see it as a way to appreciate all that I have right now... so di naman negative ang dating sa akin.