A Canadian Wedding

We were once again invited to a wedding (my hubby's boss). Our first Canadian wedding.

The wedding ceremony was held at St. Andrew's Church in Oakville at 1pm. It's a Catholic wedding that lasted for 40 minutes, and here's what's different from the Pinoy way:

  1. They don't have ring bearer. The best man got the ring.
  2. They got secondary sponsors but there's no candle/veil/cord ceremony.
  3. They had their first kiss after the exchanging of the rings not after the whole ceremony.
  4. They weren't seated in front of the altar, but on the side bench.
  5. After the wedding, they didn't take pictures inside the church nor with the priest. Instead they waited by the garden to greet all guests.
  6. Then they proceeded to the groom's house (I guess for more picture taking).
The officiating priest is one funny guy, before he ended his ceremony, he made this announcement: "I want to remind everybody that confetti are not allowed within 2 miles of the church. The reason is our janitor doesn't like cleaning the confetti... and that's me!"

The reception was held at Paramount in Woodbridge.

The invitation said:

Cocktail Reception and Antipasto Bar at 5:30pm
Dinner to follow

So we got there at 5:40pm, didn't know what to expect. The newlyweds together with their parents were already there greeting the guests as they come in.

at the church and their first danceHere, I saw the roles of the secondary sponsors... The first pair of secondary sponsor was at the table where we drop off our gift and got our souvenir gift (an ice bucket) in return. We sign the guestbook at the second table... The second set of secondary sponsor were the one who gave us our table assignment. The 3rd pair were the one who guide you to your table. Very well organized indeed.

Once we got to our table, we were surprised that appetizers were already being served and its an open bar. The appetizers was served in 1 long buffet table - different types of salads, breads, cold cuts, vegetables and cheese.

By 7:30pm, they were ready to introduce the newlyweds... they cleared up the buffet table to make a dance floor. The parents, secondary sponsors, flower girls, matron of honor, best man and the newlyweds were introduced one by one, and once the newlyweds stepped onto the dance floor, they danced their first dance.

The presidential table were divided into 3 round tables: 1 table consists of the parents, another for the secondary sponsors and the third (center table) for the newlyweds with their best man and matron of honor. We watched a video of pictures of the newlyweds from their childhood to the time they met.

By 8:15pm, we were served with our first meal - Grilled Seafood: 1 pc each of Calamari, Scallop, Shrimp and Salmon with Wild Mushrooms and Asparagus Risotto... a friend of the newlyweds sang "From this moment."

At 8:30pm, we were given Lemon Sorbet as Intermezzo... then a speech from the Matron of Honor.

At: 8:45pm, we were served with our second meal - Pasta: Casarecce alla Vodka accompanied with pancetta.... then a speech from the Best Man.

At 9:10pm, we were served with the Entree: Veal Tenderloin in a peppercorm sauce and Chicken supreme in a white wine musrhoom sauce served with vegetables and roast potatoes and mixed green salad... then a speech from the newlyweds!

At 9:30pm, we were served with Dessert: Fresh fruits, pastries and coffee/tea/expresso... and the Belgian Chocolate Fountain and Cake... then they open the dance floor! With lots of salsa dancing as the bride's relatives came all the way from Peru.

center pieceThroughout the dinner, the newlyweds went table to table (not for picture taking) but to talk to their guests. And I got one more souvenir! I got the center piece.

The wedding was fantastic! Makes me want to get married again (with my hubby of course)... or since I love weddings maybe I should become a wedding planner? hmmmm...


Kevin Lam said...

Your description of the whole occasion and the description of each food served was so vivid, I could almost taste them. Yummy yummy!

Nowadays, showing video of the 2 couples is one of my favourites part in attending a wedding party. I think it's interesting to watch how their budding years look like, specially if the newly wed couple have a long history of courtship, it will be fun to see their school days pictures and fascinating 90s looks, and if the background songs happens to be one of your favourites, ahhh!.
I remember I attended one such wedding a few years ago and I felt exactly the same feelings.

ANALYSE said...

one thing which surprised me here was that, you could be invited in the wedding, but not at the reception...so after their vin d'honneur where the bride and groom receives all their guests with wines and appetizers (starters)..all those who were not invited for the meal go home..mostly, weddings are exclusive to families and very close friends..

JO said...

Hi Lam,

The video was perfect. On our wedding day, we have slides of pictures that we shared with our guests. Sabay kuwento (narrate) ang best man namin na si Rene about each picture and about how we met, become a couple... parang di pa uso ang video noon eh... hehehe...

Hi Analyse,

Talaga? So far, I didn't see anybody left after the appetizer... there are late comers, but the room was filled up by 6:30pm.

We even ask permission if we can attend the church wedding. Curious kasi ako on how they do it. As far as I know there are those who were invited to the church but not the reception.

Kevin Lam said...

Jo, my wedding shows slides too with the background music of Celine Dion's "Because you love me".

Analyse, this is the first time I hear a wedding reception would let people go home after the appetiser/drinks and not stay until the meal. Like mentioned by Jo I know there are some who invites people to the wedding but not to reception, and that's usually separated into morning and the reception at night. Atleast everybody go back after the morning session.