Gift suggestions

The first "ber" month is here and it reminds us that Christmas is just around the corner.

As a mother, seeing how my kids treat their toys, here's MY list of great birthday/christmas gifts to children (ages 4 to 10 years old):

  • I love scrapbooks and that's my number 1 gift item to a friend's teenage daughter. But seeing my daughter's excited face in doing her own scrapbook and her proud face when she look at her own masterpiece, I realize that its a great gift even kids her age. And I definitely appreciate this as I discover my daughter's "newfound" talent.
  • Books and Activity books. Always a good gift item. My kids hardly received them as gifts. So I make it a point to give these as gifts. Kids may not appreciate it at first sight as much as if its a toy, but eventually they would. A parent would definitely appreciate this too.
  • Board games are also a perfect gift especially for siblings as they tend to bond more playing together rather their own separate toys. Having a boy and a girl, they have their own different set of toys, and the only time they play together are thru board games (i.e. monoploy, chess, checkers, card games... or anything that requires 2 players or more). Of course, its also good for family "bonding" time.
  • Instead of the little legos which is messy and kind of hard to disassemble, I prefer those K'nex toys as you tend to make more out of it and the kid's creativity really comes out. My son had 3 sets of these and he still loves playing with it, and so does my daugther.
  • Educational games such as leap pads and v-tech that teaches reading, math and science. A bit on the expensive side, but I prefer these types of toys than gameboys/nintendos/xbox.
  • Piggy banks. Kids have keen eyes to find coins in the mall/grocery/streets... its a good way to teach them how to start saving and the value of money... Once, I hid some coins all over the house for my kids to find. The trick is they need to clean up their toys inorder to find these coins and all coins goes to their piggy banks. You should see the smiles on their faces when they shook it and knows that its getting heavier and heavier.
  • For boys, any hot wheel cars and matchbox, even though they got plentiful of it already; and for girls, any stuff toys, Barbie dolls and the likes are always a big hit. You'll never go wrong with these type of gifts.
These are the type of toys that I don't buy even for my own kids:

  • Playdough. The only time my kids play with playdough is outdoor! It's a great toy though, I just hate the tidying up because its messy and sticks on the carpet/rugs.
  • Action heroes (figures) and the likes, as they don't do anything but add mess... unless the kid is really into collecting these models for keeps. My son would only play with these type of toys for a day or two and that's it.
  • Puzzles. Once you lose a piece, its garbage. Once its completed, its garbage (I mean kids won't play with them anymore). Though there are some puzzles that are pretty enough to have it frame once you've completed it. This is a gift that teaches "patience" in kids and may be more suitable for teenagers.
  • Glitters. Anything with glitters equals mess that is hard to clean.
Just my two cents.


cruise said...

ako nalang bugyan mo ng action heroes, gaya ng naruto at justice league... luv na luv ko yun, hehe

Kevin Lam said...

Selecting a gift to our kids is important. It doesn't have to be expensive. A simple with educational values is a best choice, preferably if it can be play together with other kids or play with the parents, it can develop your bonding with the kids at the long run.

Duke said...

I agree with you especially on the board games! They really teach your kids to be team players and to relate and bond with each other and the family for that matter..

Denny said...

I agree with your gift ideas... they are great!

JO said...

Hi Cruise, di naman pang collector's item ang action heroes ng anak ko.

Thanks Lam and Denny.

Hi Duke, when we started playing board games in the house, I discovered that my son is a sore loser... he cries or throw tantrums everytime he loses. We are still in process of teaching him how to be a sport, how to lose gracefully, and how to play well so that he will win the next round. Hirap! I guess its because we spoiled him a lot when he was younger, always letting him "win." Whereas my daughter is the total opposite. I am not making the same mistake twice.

Rob said...

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