Street Paintings #2

I love street paintings... so when I received this in my inbox, I just couldn't resist to post it here. These artists are just so creative and talented!

"Julian Beever is an english artist who is famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium. Its particularity? Anamorphic illusions drawn in a special distortion in order to create an impression of 3 dimensions when seen from one particular viewpoint."

See for yourself. It is truly amazing!!!

"Here we see the Swimming-Pool, drawn in Glasgow, Scotland,
but viewed from the "wrong" side.
These drawings only work from one viewpoint
otherwise the image appears strangely distorted."

This is the same picture (above) at the right angle

"The illusion of the Portable Computer was drawn on
The Strand, London and was commissioned by Procom."

Coca-Cola bottle


A Sailboat

And the best of all...

"This drawing of a Rescue was to be viewed
using an inverting mirror."

Have a great weekend!


Kevin Lam said...

I love all illusion stuff, this includes the street paintings.

I had saw a few in the past, but this is the first time I saw this 3D art at the wrong angle, it have amazed me how great this artist was, he have an extra-ordinary vision to visualize his 3D subject.

atoy said...

Kahanga-hanga! Naalala ko yon napasyal namin sa Wanaka na Puzzling World mga 3D din. Ano ba course mo Jo? Opto ka ba o something related to it kasi mahilig ka sa ganyang mga stuff na may daya sa mata. Baka na magician ka o master of illusion gaya nina David Copperfield.

evi said...

ang galing. the paintings look so real.

ANALYSE said...

i havent seen such paintings...saan daw available kaya yan sa france?

JO said...

Hi Lam, I know you're going to like this coz we share the same interest.

Hi Atoy, di ako opto... wala lang, bilib lang ako sa mga taong gumagawa ng ganitong paintings at mga optical illusions.

Hi Evi, sana may ganitong talent din ako... wishful thinking...

Hi Analyse, check out your local newspaper for such events. I don't know their exact locations too.

Agring said...

Wow! It's fascinating. Amazing!

Tin said...

galing ng paintings!

cruise said...

czubokaaliw nga parang totoo. sana meron ding mga artist na ganyan sa pilipinas...

Linnor said...

ang galing! sana meron ding talented artists who will do that in the philippines para work of art ang makita instead of graffitti or vandalised walls. :D