English vs Tagalog

Friends would always ask me "do your kids understand what you just said?" I would say "yes, they can understand Tagalog, but they have a hard time speaking the language."

I usually speak Tagalog around the house. I know its hard for my kids to speak the language but I want them to at least understand it. And when I'm angry, I speak in Tagalog, it is easier for me to express my anger in Tagalog than in English.

My hubby would always tell me to speak in English because the tone of my voice, especially when I'm angry, is lower than when it is in Tagalog. More "pleasing" to the ears as he would always say. Does it really make a difference? My hubby believe so.

I'm beginning to think so too.

There are lots of blogs out there who uses our native language in their postings, and one thing that I notice is that I am able to "feel" and "understand" their anger, confusion, happiness, excitement, apprehensions, fear, being in love, loneliness, getting broken hearts... they are able to impart their emotions, perfectly.

And because we are so comfortable with Tagalog, postings can also cause friction, wrong interpretation of the message and emotions, misunderstanding and miscommunications. Hence, conflict arises.

I've been blogging for almost a year now and I've chosen to blog in English. That is probably the reason why I have a hard time writing down my feelings and emotions??? hmmmmm...

Of course, there are those who are able to convey their emotions perfectly in English (except me). No doubt about that!

My favorite answer when my friends ask me "do your kids understand what you just said (in Tagalog)?" -- "aba mahirap magalit sa ingles!"

Is it just me? Do I make sense at all? ^_^


JO said...

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ANALYSE said...

it's good that you still use tagalog with your kids, even if they cant express themselves in that language, at least they could understand you esp pag galit ka hehe..

i guess i'll do the same with my future kids, tho we will start with english and french, i just hope she will have the interest to learn a part of her heritage..

JO said...

Hi Ana, my son is learning the French language in school. I think I should learn the language soon, otherwise, he and his sister might share some secret in French [wink]... happy weekend!

Kevin Lam said...

You still claimed that you are weak in expressing in english?!
I think they're already good.

ka uro said...

we speak tagalog at home. and although our daughter was only 4 when we left the Phil, she can still speak fluent tagalog. i noticed that when a family has more than 1 kid at home, they forget to speak tagalog. that's because among themselves they use english. in our case our policy was to always speak tagalog at home which is why our daughter never forgot to speak it. funny you mentioned that you use tagalog when you're angry. because for my wife it's the other way round. when she's angry, really angry gumagaling ang english niya.

btw, thanks for plugging VFS.

maila said...

hello jo..im bloghopping from darlene..btw, I love the way your blog laid out..very warm and friendly :-).

My son is the same thing. As much as we try to speak to him in tagalog, he alwasy reply back in English. He understands tagalog, he just cant speak it. He started preschool this year and now that hes around kids who speak mostly english, i have really hard time teaching him to speak tagalog..I guess I just have to be more consistenet. Hubby and I speak tagalog at home btw. Baliktad naman ako haha, pag magalit ako sa anak ko saka english usap ko sa kanya..hope you dont mind me linking you..

JO said...

Hi Lam, compare to your english, yes, mine is definitely better... hehehe... [peace tayo ha]

Ka Uro, ang galing naman ng discipline niyong magasawa sa anak niyo. may nakilala akong bata dito, laking lola, pinanganak na din dito ang bata, galing mag tagalog. 2 months after mag start ng kindergarten, nawala na ang tagalog niya. nakakaintinda pa, pero di na nagsasalita. iba talaga ang influence ng ibang bata.

Hi Honeypooh, consuelo ko na lang na my kids can still understand Tagalog. thanks for dropping by.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, pa comment nga din dito sa posting mo.

Maganda yan nag tatagalog ka sa bahay para hindi lang English ang natutunan nila. Even they can't speak tagalog at least they can understand.

Dito sa bahay, kinakausap ko ang bata ng bisaya at si mister mag English sa kanya. Kahit din si mister marami na ring natutunan na bisaya. Di ko na to mabinta sa pinas.

Ngaun ako ang nag sakrepesyo dahil baluktot ang English ko. Kaya dito nalang ako sa posting ng blog ko mag practice ng English.

Duke said...

At home, in Manila, I talk to my parents in Filipino. Since my husband does not understand the language, we talk in English and French. Sometimes I miss speaking in Tagalog so, I insert some Tagalog words or phrases in my english converstaions with hubby ( e.g. hay naku, di ba...)
If ever we have kids, like Analyse, the main language will be English and French but I wouldn't mind teaching my kid to speak my mother tongue. :D

Soul_Seeker said...

"Mahirap magalit sa Ingles."--Hahaha :) I can relate. There are some things that are easier to convey in Tagalog (or whatever one's mother tongue is, for that matter), as compared to English. Sometimes the essence or "spirit" of what you want to say gets lost when you translate it from your native language to English.

Ingat po!

I agree--it's good that you talk to your kids in Tagalog so that they can understand you.

JO said...

Hi Raquel, Duke and Diane,

these are my kids fave tagalog words: mahal kita, magandang gabi, mamaya na (if they dont want to eat yet), basura (telling their dad its time to throw the garbage out), hay naku, ligo time... and a few more words.

oh and they can sing "sampung mga daliri"... the slang version... hehehe...

J said...

d2 sa bahay talagang tagalog kami bihira lang ang nagi-ingles d2 sa'min madalas pag may bcta na puti saka naman kami nagi ingles o kaya pag nagi english na rin ang kausap napapa english na rin...

sa blog naman mabuti dahil mapa-english at Filipino language pwede kahit ano basta naiintindihan ang tinatayp at saloobin :)

keep writing :)di ka nag-iisa.

JO said...

hi J: i wish i had been more strict about my kids speaking tagalog at home... but now i feel that its a bit too late already.