My Favorites from A to Z

A is for Amazing race and Autumn, my favorite season
B is for Beaches and BBQ picnic during summer time
C is for Cuddling, digital Camera and Coke
D is for Desperate housewives, my new fave TV series
E is for the story of Encouragement
F is for Family Fun
G is for Gifts (I love surprises) and Gospel tract (a must-read)
H is for Home sweet Home!
I is for Internet
J is for Jeannie, my fave cousin
K is for Kris Kringle
L is for Love, can't live without it!
M is for Mike, Mango Moose cake and Mickey Mouse (Disneyworld)
N is for my Nephew and Nieces whom I miss so much
O is for my other blog, One friend
P is for the 2 P's in my life, Patrick and Patricia
Q is for "Que sera sera" - my mama used to sing this song to me
R is for Red Lobsters, our fave family restaurant
S is for Scrapbooking, my fave hobby
T is my love for Travelling (budget permitting) and Tobogganing
U is for the magical Unicorn
V is for Visa card
W is for Wal-mart and my family Webpage
X is for XoXo
Y is for Yahoo messenger
Z is for Zzzzzzzzz... (sleeping)

Tag, you're it!


NvyBlu789 said...

Cute post JO!

Judy said...

I like yopur poem or what it is.

JO said...

Hi Liz and Judy... thanks for dropping by.