Our 10th Anniversary

"I thank you for bringing out the best in me
I thank you for ignoring the worst in me
I thank you for loving me for what I am
And for that, I want you to know 'I love you, truly!'"

Life is full of challenges and hardship, full of decisions to make, many opportunities knocking on our doors... through it all, what really matters is the choices that we made in our lives... right or wrong, we live by the choices we made. And I stand by my choices with no regrets!

Our wedding was a mixture of Chinese-Filipino tradition. It wasn't hard to organized though since me and hubby made most of the major decisions! And hubby always give in to my request [wink]!

Going down the memory lane --

As early as February, we were busy with our wedding preparations... June, we announced our wedding plans to our friends during Hubby's birthday party!

October, we tied the knot... and off we go to HongKong and Singapore for our honeymoon.

We bought and moved into our first townhouse in March... a place we called our HOME! Then we decided that its baby time...

I went on my first trip to Boracay/Iloilo/Roxas with hubby and my in-laws. We even met Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez in Boracay... and later on I found out that I was pregnant.

January 8, Hubby just left that morning to go to La Union/Baguio City, I wasn't due in 2 more weeks, but I was up for a checkup that same day at 2pm... and the doctor said I had to confine myself to the maternity ward.

I checked myself into the hospital and got hold of hubby around 7pm, told him to come home the next day as I know I am not due yet... but he decided to drove back that same night (imagine he drove from Manila to La Union to Baguio City and back to Manila for 18 hours).

By January 10, my doctor had to do an emergency C section and at 2:22am, we welcome our son with open arms... the start of many sleepless nights... and the joy of parenthood...

He is the first grandchild in my hubby's side and the 5th grandchild on my side.

Patrick's first plane trip to Cebu to visit great grandma and meet aunties and uncles and cousins on my side...

Our second honeymoon was a trip to the USA (SFO, Chicago, NY/NJ, Connecticut, Boston, Orlando)...

Little did I know that hubby wants to check out the possibility of migrating and living in North America... and as soon as we got home, we started gathering the required documents and filled out the forms for Canada. We submitted our application forms within a span of 6 weeks... And the wait begins...

Later in the year, we went on our third "unplanned" honeymoon to Bangkok, courtesy of my MIL's free airline mileage.

We received words from the Canadian Embassy to have our medical exams, since I was pregnant, I couldn't complete my x-ray until at least I was on my 7th month (this of course delayed the processing)...

In August, we welcome our daughter to the world... and my son was soooo happy to see his little sister! He even made a welcome sign for her.

She is the 3rd grandchild on my hubby's side and the 8th on my side. The youngest (so far) on both side.

Marks the year we migrated to Canada... Hubby took up a 6-month full time course on Networking... And with lots of unfinished business in Manila, me and the kids went back home in time for my daughter's first birthday... and then we fly out to Beijing, China where my MIL was waiting. And finally back to Canada.

Yes, me and the kids (then 4.5 and 1 yr old) had been to 3 different countries in 1 year! It wasn't easy travelling with 2 young kids.

2002 to 2003
Courtesy of my MIL, we went home in December for a family reunion... Ahhhh.... There's no place like home! We maximize our trip by visiting Boracay, Roxas (to visit great grandma Payang) and Tagaytay Highlands.

And my son celebrated his 6th birthday with his old playmates. He remembers very little about the Philippines, so we took him around to see our old neighborhood and his old school.

We went on a family trip to Orlando, Florida for 7 days and 6 nights with my in-laws (from Beijing, Manila and New York)... And on the day of our 9th year wedding anniversary, me and hubby celebrated it in MGM/Epcot/Magic Kingdom! Yes, 3 theme parks in 1 day! We met the whole family at Magic Kingdom later that night for Mickey's not-so-scary-halloween party!

It was a dream come true! We all love Mickey!

Marks the year we became Canadian Citizens!

And our 10th-year wedding anniversary!

October 8, 1995
San Sebastian Basilica Church
The Peninsula Manila


By the way, its a long weekend for us in Canada... Happy Thanksgiving to all! I have really a lot of things to be thankful for, most especially for my family's good health and many blessings! Have a great weekend!


Toni said...

Wow, what a beautiful timeline of your togetherness.

Happy Anniversary, Jo! Here's to the next ten years of honeymoons, adventures and much love!

Junnie said...

10 great years and here's to more years ahead.

Happy Anniversary, may couples like you increase!

denden said...

happy 10th year anniv!

thanks for letting us peep thru your journeys...and what a journey it was and still is.

god bless you and your family and happy thanksgiving! :-)

Agring said...

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to you Jo and u'r hubby. May you have a wonderful celebration decorated with love and happiness...

HAppy Thanksgiving!

atoy said...

nagbabasa ba ako ng fairy tale? and they live happily ever after. Parang buhay na buhay ang marital life niya in a span of 10 years ang dami niyo ng nagawa. hitik na hitik sa adventure. kung baga sa puno taga sa panahon. Happy Anniversary and looking forward sa golden.

Tin said...

Here's to more colorful years ahead! Happy Anniversary, Jo and hubby!

Raquel said...

Happy tenth anniversary Jo. Ang tagal nyo na pala noh.

Nakapunta na pala kayo a Boracay, maganda ba talga dun? I heard puro beaches lang daw dun kaya di kami pumunta, maganda kc pag marami tayong mapuntahan in just one place.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my photo blog ha. Next visit cguro namin ay Boracay and Samal Island naman.

God bless your family and have a great weekend.

Raquel said...

Binasa ko uli Jo, wow, ang dami nyo na palang narating na lugar...meron ka bang compilation sa mga pix nyo? Maganda yan pag tayo ay tumanda na, makikita yan sa mga bata.

JO said...

To all: Thank you!

Raquel, I left the link to my family website on your tagboard.

rachel said...

hello po!!! Happy anniversary po sa inyo!!!

i hope lahat ng love story eh as happy as yours...

more years of love and happiness po to you and your family..

Duke said...

hi jo!

It's nice to read your 10 year milestones! You've been blessed with the family you have right now!

Happy annivesary!

darlene said...

Happy Anniversary, Jo! May He continually shower you with abundance of blessings!

Lynn said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary to both of you Jo. That's just beautiful. I wish you all the best! Have a great weekend.

Kevin Lam said...

What can I say?...CONGRATULATION!!!

Bless said...

Hi Jo!!! Happy tenth year anniversary sa inyo! Wow it's a wonderful blessing of togetherness! More blessings to your family!

ANALYSE said...

happy anniversary! thanks for sharing those great moments with us..more wonderful years to come..

cruise said...

wow ang galing, parang isang blog na igkaya sa isang post! ang lupet ng 10 years nyo, spent well.

JO said...

To all: THANK YOU for all your messages!!!

Labing said...


advance 11th wedding anniversary
for 2006. best wishes to both of you. ngayon ko lang nabasa itong post mo, ang galing mo day!

happy new year!

JO said...

hi edith,

napaka advance mo naman mag greet.


justice said...


Happy, Happy Anniversary and many many more years to come!