Parents Behaving Badly

Case #1: Toddler given whiskey

"...Rebecca Kern admits putting Jim Beam Whiskey in her son's bottle the day before a friend came to visit her..." Read the whole story here.

Case #2: Toddler given vodka

"...The nine-month-old had "somehow" been left in the care of a two-year-old, who obviously mistook the clear liquor for Pedialyte... a half-ounce would have been enough to push the baby over the legal limit - while slightly over two ounces could have killed him..." Read the whole story here.

Case #3: Mom wants to "de-flower" teenage daughter

"A woman pleaded guilty to second-degree rape for providing a hotel room and liquor so her 13-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old friend could have sex with two men they just met..." Read the whole story here.

Case #4: Toddler left in car because father forget

"...most parents do not "intend" to leave their children in a hot car. They just forget that they are there, which is the same for this case, and why the toddler's father may not be charged... No parent has been charged in Clark County yet for "forgetting" to leave their child in a car. One parent has only been charged when they intentionally left their child in a car. One child, 16-month-old Jozia Diaz, died earlier this summer after his father forgot him in the car..." Read the whole story here.

Case #5: Father killed infant girl because she won't stop crying

"...Panganiban admitted to police he was tired on the night of Aug. 13, 2001. His daughter would not stop crying, so he covered her mouth to keep her from crying, he told police. When that didn't work, Panganiban placed the back of his knee as many as 15 times over his daughter's face to stop her from crying. He later fell asleep and woke up to find his leg "suction-cupped" to his daughter's face..." Read the whole story here.


What's wrong with the world we live in??? Reading stories like this scares the hell out of me... If a parent could do these things to their own children, what more a babysitter or caretaker or strangers?

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denden said...

omg. such awful parents. these parents seem to be alien to the term "parents only want what's best for their kids"


atoy said...

nakakapanghilakbot ang ganyang pangyayari. wala ng kasumpa-sumpang krimen sa pagpatay ng sariling anak. Sarili mong dugo at laman masahol ka pa sa hayop kapg nagawa mong saktan ng labis at kitilin ang buhay ng iyong supling.Naniniwala ako wala silang susuotan kundi sa impyerno.

Junnie said...

pinoy pa ata yung infant killer...i wasnt able to finish reading this entry sa inis...

evi said...

jo, these stories scared the hell out of me. i pray that i will always remain sane even when i'm really stressed out with my kid's tantrums.

Lynn said...

That's really terrible. Kahapon lang I read news here in France that a father was sent to jail and the mother freed but under judicial control after their three months old baby died. Nahulog daw yong bata from the dad's hand while he put the baby to bed. Nauntog yong ulo at ayon nagka cerebral haemorrhage. Both parents plead guilty at sinabi pa noong tatay na kadalasan he shook the baby hard when he cried. That's just evil! I cannot fathom how parents could do these horrible things!

darlene said...

cant help but feel indignant. how can they afford to do such!?

JO said...

i am beyond words myself... i wish these parents would just give up these babies for adoption... i'm sure there are lots of people wanting to adopt.

MrsPartyGirl said...

grabe naman ito! :(

i also read this one before where a woman used her 4 month old baby to hit her husband (ala baseball bat!). and also this one other guy who hired a hitman to mug his girlfriend so that she'll miscarry their unborn child.

nakakalungkot na may ganitong parents sa mundo :(

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

Grabe naman yan!!! They don't deserve to have a baby at all! Kakapikon!