Things aren't always what they seem

I had the unfortunate chance of meeting one blogger face to face. She was actually the second blogger I've met. The first blogger I've met became a family friend who I admired in the blogosphere and adored by my kids. This post is not about that friend. This post is about the second blogger.

Reading her posts, her portrayal of a demure, angelic and soft spoken lady turns out to be the total opposites of what I've seen in person. She made a mockery of my postings starting from this to this... etc... which I opted to disregard then because I am not here to please people, I am here to blog.

Not only that, she made a lot of mockery of other people's picture in their blog (people I don't even know), referring to one particular blogger (she had a bad encounter with) to even look like a katulong.

I caution myself from there on, I kept my distance. This isn't somebody I want to be friends with but at the same time I didn't want to judge her character based on one meeting.

She referred a couple of other blogs, which I am thankful for, cause I find them to be interesting, informative, very real and down to earth. And I find myself visiting these blogs rather than hers.

I was really surprised to learn that she was taking "credit" in being good at "promoting" other people's blog. Nobody asked her to do this. And she also said that because of her, I had a lot of "hits" in my own blog.

Is she right to take credits? Did you come here to read my blog because somebody told you to do so? Did you come here following her footsteps, everytime? She may have led some of you here, initially, but isn't it your CHOICE if you want to come back here or not? Or maybe you discovered my blog after I left a comment in your tagboard?

Yes, I admit that since I started visiting, not only her blog but some other blogs (in her circle of links), my hits had increased! Why? Because instead of just lurking and reading, I started leaving comments to let people know that I was there and that I have a blog too.

I'm not a good writer nor good at expressing myself, and my grammar is not perfect either. But what you see/read is the real ME. I am not pretending to be somebody else. I never leave "anonymous" comments. I am not exaggerating nor creating stories to get you hooked up nor take pity on my struggles with life.

This blog may not reveal the 100% ME, but it is still ME.

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yayam said...

when i started blogging (which was a year and half ago), all i wanted was for every single blogger to visit mine. but as i mold myself into a young lady with the help of blogging, i realized that this was not about getting a thousand visitors, or getting a hundred comments. now, i bloghop just to read other people's blogs and find more interesting posts to read. and i find yours interesting. :)

Junnie said...

blogging is not a popularity contest. it is a venue for ideas and for conversations. just like in any physical edifice, be it office or in school, there'r people we wont be seeing eye to eye because its who they really are. we cant change them and we cant possibly make them like us. just like in anything avoid people who cause you trouble and live and let live.

from the very first time we set up your blog, we agreed on one thing - that you will enjoy blogging. im sure you're enjoying it. dont worry about the others.

atoy said...

be yourself jo. hindi naman tayo narito to please everybody. huwag tayong maging plastik. hindi naman ito popularity contest kung gusto ng pasikatan doon sila sumali sa american idol.
iwasan mga taong mapagkunwari at mapagbalatkayo sapagkat they are poison to our peaceful and harmonious existance.

Raquel said...
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Raquel said...

Hi Jo, totoo si atoy.

Palipat oras ko ang pagbablog, hindi naman to pasikatan. Nasa ibang bansa tayo, kilangan din natin mga kaibigan kahit sa internet lang ay oks na.

If someone can't make you happy, make yourself happy.

October 26, 2005 9:39 PM

Ghie said...

Sa blogging talagang walang pasikatan. Ang importante ay respetuhin natin kapwa blogger natin. Kong ang iba may hindi sila nagustuhan sa blog natin, bahala na sila, hehehe. God bless

Ingat kayo lagi!

pObs said...

i totally agree with JUNNIE... very well said!

it's not a popularity contest, and as long as you enjoy blogging, hopping around bloggies..then be it, don't mind others!

JO said...

Thank you guys and gals!

Yes, I am not here to compete with other bloggers. Nor, am I here for popularity contest.

I am just here being myself!

kai said...

I blog inorder to put into writing what I feel. I used to put my thoughts in a special notebook (not particularly a diary) I carry in my bag all the time. I'm really hooked now on other people's entry (yours, linnor, junnie and anP to name a few). It feels like having known these people in real life even if I haven't meet all except for Ms. Linnor. Just be yourself, Jo. I love reading your posts and most of the time I can relate to your situation, too. Chin up, girl.

JO said...

Thanks Kai! This will not stop me from meeting fellow bloggers in person. As I said, I met one who became our family friend.

darlene said...

our blog actually reflects our real self without being influenced nor dictated what to write about. We're not here to compete but to express and find friends as well.

Agring said...

I have a feeling I know this second blogger you are referring to. Is she the same blogger that I have also met? It's sad really!

JO said...

hi darlene, some people makes this into a competition or contest... so so sad... that they even have to spend so much just to be able to blog.

hi agring, i dont know where you stand from this one, but yes, its the same one you met months ago.