Conversation #6

Ever since we migrated to Canada, I barely bought my kids any clothes/shoes. Most of their stuff are either from their Lola (grandma) Marlene or hand-me-downs or birthday/christmas gifts... I can really count the items I bought for them here.

My kids just adored their Lola Marlene especially when they received packages from her.

This is how happy my daughter is whenever she got her stuff.

Anyway, I just told my daughter that Lola Marlene send another package for her and that we should get it by next week. Her face was glowing with excitement.

Then I ask her a question which is a little scary for me because I don't know how she would respond/react --

ME: Who do you love most? Mommy or daddy?
PATRICIA: (in a split second and without hesitation) Both!

Sigh... am so glad to hear her answer...

ME: Who do you love most? Mommy or Lola?
PATRICIA: (really thinking hard, with a sheepish smile on her face)
ME: (thinking: o-oh)
PATRICIA: (It took her about a minute before she said) Lola!

I know, I know... I shouldn't ask her that question as it might confused her. And, no, her answer didn't make me angry nor did I feel hurt.

It just makes me wonder why she would prefer her Lola Marlene when she lives thousand of miles away and whom she only sees once/twice a year?

Well, my conclusion is that kids will always be kids... they will choose the person who buys them stuff... and give them gifts!

Whether they are new stuff or hand-me-downs, my daughter loved them all!


Junnie said...

hmmmmm...sana tinanong mo pa ulit, who do you love the mostest????

ikaw na yun siguro...siempre deep inside her, ikaw talaga....

cruise said...

ang cute cute naman ng anak mo *inggit*

husticia said...

thanks for visiting my site pala.

kaya ayokong magtanong at baka madismaya lang ako :lol:

Kevin Lam said...

Syempre si lola ang sasagutin niya, eh next week niyo na kukunin ang package 'no, eh baka mausod pa yan pag hindi si lola ang sagutin niya.
Sige, try mo ulit pag nakuha na niya ang package.

JO said...

Hi Junnie, when I ask her "do you love mommy?", she would always answer "yes" with a hug and a a kiss... that always makes my day!

Hi Cruise, thanks!

Hi Husticia, di ko nga dapat tinanong yon... but I'm also curious on how my 5 year old daughter would respond.

Hi Lam, I don't think I want to ask her again... it might confused her more... or me... hehehe...

denden said...

hi jo! aaaw ang cute nman. i guess kids will always say that they love their lolas or lolos because the grandparents have the luxury to spoil them sans the parental responsibilities.

JO said...

hi denden, i told my hubby that we should buy the kids more stuff so that they will always choose us... hehehe...