Conversation #7

My daughter enjoyed the days when I have to do grocery or run some errands, because it means that we have the car and she doesn't have to walk home from school. She also loves to go to the mall with me.

Friday was errand day. But I manage to do everything within the 2 hours that she was in school. And after picking her up from school,

PATRICIA said: "yey, we're going to the mall." (in her singing tone)
ME: Not today, mommy just did something while you were in school.
PATRICIA: But I want to go to the mall.
ME: We're not going to the mall today, mommy doesn't have money anymore.
PATRICIA: (she said proudly) I have money... in my piggy bank.
ME: Will you give mommy your money?
PATRICIA: ok, as soon as we get home.
ME: Really? That's so sweet of you.

When we got home, I thought she completely forgot about it. She never mentioned anything for the rest of the afternoon.

Later, we pick up daddy at the office, and I told hubby our little conversation.

PATRICIA proudly said: I'm giving mommy all my money!
PATRICK said: Nope. not me. I'm keeping all my money.
DADDY: Yes, you can both keep your money for rainy days.

Later that night, while I was washing the dishes,

PATRICIA came down and said: "Mommy I got coins for you on your desk."
ME: ok. thank you. (I wasn't really paying attention. I thought it was some coins she found lying around).

And true to her words, when I got to my desk, I saw some coins... she gave me 3 nickel and a penny from her piggy bank!

Ain't she sweet!



Lagari ako ngayon sa schedule, as in super busy talaga. Di ko na nga ma-update yung blog ko eh. Di bale baka next week ok na ulit. Pero paramdam ka lang parati sa tagboard ko ha *wink

O sha!

darlene said... teary eyed here. the innocence and honesty and sweetness of a child. i can so relate to this jo.

denden said...

hi jo!

aaaaw. patricia's sooo sweet :-)

Kevin Lam said...

hmmm... 3 nickels and a penny?

I don't know what a nickel nor a penny can buy you. could be just a chocolate bars.

But what matters most is Patricia's heart. she is sooo sweet.

hey! Jo, next time, try giving Patricia a little bit extra, who knows, maybe next time, she might really saved enough coins to buy a one week groceries.

JO said...

Hi T. Sol, relax relax lang ng konti diyan...

Hi Darlene/Denden, thanks! it can really melt a mother's heart!

Hi Lam, a nickel is 5 cents and a penny is 1 cent... she gave me 16 cents... its enough to pay for the tax of a $1 item/candies.

Raquel said...

oh, how sweet naman ni Patricia mo, Jo. Nakaka-iyak naman.

Ngayon may baby na ako, madali akong mapa-iyak sa ganitong sitwasyon.

bugsybee said...

Hi Jo - Reading this and your previous post (conversation no. 6) tells me that your daughter can teach our government officials a thing or two about respect for money. Kaya nga nakakapikon talaga to think about how their insensitivity no!

bugsybee said...

whooops, bad editing there ... about their insensitivity.

JO said...

hi raquel,

you should start journaling too... magandang pamana yan sa mga bata...

hi bugsybee,

wish that the mindset of our kids today will stay pure forever!

cruise said...

sarap naman talaga kung mag ma malling ka na may sasakyan. i can relate to your daughter, hehehe

Raquel said...

Meron ako dito Jo, yung first one year memory book. Kung kilan sila nakapasalita ng Mama orPapa. Klan nakalakad, kumain ng solid foods & etc.

Pero mas maganda yang sayo, conversation...Gawin ko rin yan, pag marunong na si Maria mag salita.

Thanks for the tips ha. Ok gtg for now. Me and Maria will take a walk pa.

kaberns said...

Hi Jo,
I found your blog through Junnie's website. I'm also in Toronto.
Your daughter is so sweet. She is a blessing.
Take care,

JO said...

Hi Cruise, yup. better to have the car than commute/walk.

Hi Raquel, sayang nga at di ko ito naumpisahan sa panganay ko...

Hi Kaberns, thanks for dropping by... please leave a link to your blog (if you have one) so I can return the visit.

Junnie said...

patricia will always be your sweet kid. very thoughtful and yes, as early as now - loves the malls na rin :) you've raised her right...

JO said...

Thanks Junnie! Kanino pa ba magmamana sa pagkalakwatsera eh di sa mommy! :-)

Denny said...

Don't you just love childhood innocence? ;)

JO said...

hi denny,

yup! hope it stayed that way forever! {wishful thinking}