Mama Monday Challenge #2

I recently discovered a new and interesting site -- its called Empowering Mothers Online or

I decided to take part in their "Mama Mondays"... and this week's challenge is do something new with your child!

I've already blog about this, but I want this to be my entry for this challenge.

Do something new with your child!

I'm into scrapbooking and whenever my daughter see me updating my scrapbook, she would always offer to help. I never allowed her to help me coz I'm afraid she would mess things up. Instead I would give her something else to do with my paper shaper scissors. And that would keep her happy till I finish.

When my daughter turned 5, she received a 'Family Scrapbook' as a birthday gift. I plan to keep it till she was about 8 and up before I let her do it. I was really hesitant coz I was afraid she would ruin the scrapbook. But I can really see how excited she was and persistently beg me to help her do it.

So, I decided to help her do it. I provided the pictures and stickers, and ask her questions based on the scrapbook, and she was on the go! Of course, I have to spell the words out to her, but she did everything else on her own! She made a couple of mess, but it wasn't something that can't be fix.

Initially, we spent 3 hours on the carpet, she didn't even want to stop and rest... until we run out of pictures.

The second time around and another 2 hours on the carpet, and we're done! This is her masterpiece!

I can't believe that a child her age can focus that long. And I underestimated her talent, creativity, dedication and capabilities. My baby is no longer a baby... she is fast becoming a lady.

This is definitely something new that we've done together as mother and daughter. And will definitely continue on doing together from now on...


Toni said...

That's such a nice challenge! When I become a Mommy I'll join this community hehe.

pao said...

me too! when i become a mom i'll also join this community. :)

ANALYSE said...

it's great that you encourage their interests. hmmm..ill be visiting that site when ill have more time..

JO said...

Hi Toni and Pao,

hoping you'll be part of this community soon...

Hi Analyse,

how's bebe?

vangie said...

your daughter is so cute, and talented! she got your talent in scrapbooking :)

JO said...

Thanks Vangie! I'm soooo proud of her!