Memento Around the World is here!

August 12, 2005. Junnie started this project...

"This is the objective of MEMENTO Around the World! It'll be your turn to show me your world through your eyes. We could've swapped .jpg's or digital albums but heck that's just too simple. I want you to share this with everyone else as we launch 5 (probably more, i'm just waiting for addresses) disposable cameras around the world and see how 5 friends who said YES first will capture their world in 2-3 images and pass the camera to another friend who then captures 2-3 images - of her going to school, of her backyard and how green (or brown) it is, bring the camera during a family gathering, or take a snapshot of yourself from the (bathroom) mirror, anything. We dont break any rules, because there aren't any.

Passing it on to the next friend may mean mailing or maybe knocking on the apartment door and say, please take 3 pictures and pass it on to another friend."
and now from 'the other Jo' to this 'Jo', the camera arrived today!

This is camera #3 ... and it started with 'Star' in Arkansas... to 'Vangie' in San Jose, California... to 'the other Jo' in Seattle, Washington... and now its back in Mississauga, Ontario.

And since we all know that Junnie takes better picture than me. I decided to let my kids to the project! They will each get 2 shots as I want to see the "beauty" in their eyes.

Say cheese!

Junnie, there's about 14 shots left... where to? I can pass it to Edith if you want.


Tin said...

having your kids take pictures is a nice idea! sabi nila they could be better photographers than adults since they don't bother a lot about technicalities and stuff. i'm looking forward to see the pics!

Junnie said...

i agree with tin, who knows those pictures will mean a lot one day. they're keeping a memento of their childhood and encasing them in pictures!

if you can send it back to me, id appreciate it.

i have some other in canada to give it to. :)

JO said...

hi tin, yes, we'll see how my kid's pictures turn out.

hi junnie, sure, i'll drop it off at your place this weekend. will call you soon.

Kevin Lam said...

Jo, Junnie's idea is a fresh thing to me. It's a very exciting idea indeed, I believe Junnie will be very eager to develop disposable camera and see what's the mystery photos did it captured.

C'mon pass it to me, but then, it's gonna goes half way around the globe, too expensive ng postal fee.

Please let me know if the photos r posted at the web.

Vintage Star said...

yeah, i had fun with that camera. happy shooting to the kids!

JO said...


if you want to join, pls email Junnie. there might be a camera in asia that can be sent your way.

I've actually thought of passing it on to you...

Hi Vangie,

my daughter loved it! parang nabitin nga sa 2 shots niya eh.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, out off-topic to. Nakita ko pala ang marathon portion mo dun sa kabilang blog mo. Wow, tumatakbo ka? Galing, hanga talaga ako sa isang taoang mahilig sa sports specially sa marathon.

Hanggang 21k lang ang kaya ko. Ang mini marathon na 10K, 48minutes ko yan.

Sarap talga ang feeling pagnakatakbo...maka wow body din.

O cge yan lang muna.

JO said...

hi raquel,

i've never participated in a marathon...