You've got mail

We all received a lot of "forwarded" emails and chain letters in our inbox... and the thing that I hate are those that includes the following at the end of the email:

  • If you love Jesus, send this to your friends.
  • Forward this message to as many people as soon as possible to receive goodluck.
  • If you delete this message, you will received # days of badluck.
  • Pass it to # of your good friends and be rich in # days.
  • ... etc etc etc ...
Do we honestly believe that these things will happen? If you have time to read it, then forward it to your friends, you should also have the time to delete this part of the message, right? It shouldn't take you more than 5 seconds to highlight this part of the email and press the delete button.

Do we honestly want our friends to have badluck because they chose to ignore the last part of the email? Or are we just forwarding it to them to share the stories and informations?

I don't mind receiving such emails, it gives me something to read and pick up a few lessons in life... I just hate the last part where it states one of the above points or something to that effect.

I admit that I "used to" forward these emails without verifying if they are true or fiction.

And I especially hate those who are fun of clicking the "forward" button without really reading the content of the (junk) email.

Chain letters goes directly to my "trash" folder. I can't believe people are still forwarding chain letters!

In fairness, some of the stories are really heart warming... so whether they are true or fiction, there are lessons to be learn and a good way to stop and reflect on our lives and many blessings.

So what do I do with these "heart warming" emails? Selected few, yes, I still forward them to my friends... but most of them are posted at One Friend, my other blog.


bugsybee said...

I never thought about collecting all those "nice" forwarded emails and putting them all together in one blog. Good idea, JO! I salute your patience and diligence.

Junnie said...

i once sent out that forwarded email na yan...and still met some bad circumstances...from then on, they all go to the trash bin and friends dont include me in their list anymore...mas gusto ko pa if you pass me a cute picture, pwede pa, for everyone to see and appreciate at walang panakot sa dulo.

kai said...

nye, those forwarded emails (although I diligently read them naman)are automatically deleted except those that I find interesting to forward but I copy/paste it instead of hitting the forward button right away. I remember my German boss telling me it's kinda rude to send/forward a message with all those strings, tama nga naman...

Toni said...

Oh I hate chain mail!!!! I delete them right away. Like you sometimes I save the nice ones though, like those that are reflections on life and stuff. But not the threatening ones! They're a pain in the neck!

Raquel said...

Oh yes, I hate chain mails, di naman ako naniniwal nyan. Di ko ini-forward baka di rin type ng mga friends ko at sila ay nababadingan sakin, hehehe.

Pero kung may maganda, I saved it.

JO said...

Hi Bugsybee, thanks!

Hi Junnie, have you seen the body painting pictures? type mo ba ang mga yon? kasi I've got a lot of those, that I dont dare post on the net, but I can forward them to you if you like.

Hi Kai, that's true! its better to start fresh or delete the email add of others before forwarding.

Hi Toni, I can't really believe people are still forwarding chain letters... haaaay!

Hi Raquel, that's why I decided to post it in a blog, so that I don't have to flood people's inbox... they can just go to the site and read at their own free time.

The one disadvantage of not forwarding emails to friends is that they stop forwarding emails to you too... which has its pros and cons.

angelove said...

Hi there Jo, I feel the same way about forwarded e-mails that are not relevant or trash. Especially the ones that states that you will have so and so years of bad luck if you don't forward those e-mails. But like you, I love to recieve meaningful e-mails. Would check out your collection.

JO said...

hi Beth!