Interesting Links

I don't feel like blogging today... so here's some links for you...

Amazing Race 8: Family Edition. After the Linz won the $1 million... the race is not yet over... click here for one final race for a GMC Yukon XL by the Bransens (2nd place) and the Weavers (3rd place).

Videos to share. Thanks to Raquel, I can now share some entertaining videos emailed by my hubby. My all time favorite is "torn," "sleepy baby" and "wizards of winter." Click here [there are 7 videos to see].

Dragon Illusion. Check this one out. It is simply amazing! All you need is to download the pdf file, a paper and a printer [colored is better but B&W is ok too]. Thanks to Lam for the link.

The Village People. Here's a tribute to their famous song YMCA [though its a Cantonese version, but I'm sure you're going to enjoy it too].

Invisible Cloak. Ever wonder how Harry Potter's invisibility cloak works?

Mind Reader. Do you believe in psychic?


Maria Angelica said...

You're welcome. I was busy...sorry I missed this post.


JO said...

Hi Raquel, did you see the videos? its really cool!

Raquel said...

Oo, nakita ko lahat. Nakatuwa...Yung sleeping baby sa castpost mo ba yan nakuha or binigay sayo? Meron din kase ako nyan.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,

Galing sa asawa ko lahat ng video (7) na nandoon. Tagal na ngang nasa computer ko, di ko lang alam paano i-share kasi ang laki ng file para i-email.

Now that you mentioned it, para ngang nakita ko din siya sa blog mo, kaya lang di ko na-play, ng ha-hang kasi ang browser ko every time I access your blog (at that time, don't know why).