Mixed nuts #2

Poker night

Patrick's first poker game... and he got a royal flush! Now, that is what I call the beginner's luck!

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And he wouldn't stop bragging about it!


Yankee Santa!

I had dinner with some high school friends of mine last saturday (yes, we recently discovered that there's 4 of us here and got re-acquainted)...

Instead of the normal exchange gift, we played the "yankee santa"... this is my first time to play this game even though I've heard of this before. The rules are simple, you get to steal other people's gift!

This was initially what my husband picked... we have always wanted a massager! But sadly, it was "yanked" away from him.

But his next pick was almost the same product, even better! Yey!

It was T who yanked away hubby's gift... and the gift that hubby got the second time around was from T!


DVD movie marathon

We normally borrow DVDs from the library because its free! Waiting time for some DVDs are long... some are short... and sometimes they are all available at the same time... like this thursday, hubby had 9 DVDs waiting for him.

Here's what we've seen the past weekend:
  1. An Ideal Husband starring Rupert Everett and Julianne Moore
    (my rating: ***)
  2. Dude, where's my car? starring Ashton Kutcher
    (my rating: ***)
  3. Evolution starring David Duchovny and Julianne Moore
    (my rating: ***)
  4. An End of the Affair starring Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore
    (my rating: ***)
  5. The Hours starring Merryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman
    (my rating: *)

Free Movie Day

Rainbow Cinema is offering a free movie for 3 consecutive weekends which is sponsored by Toronto Star (a leading newspaper). They do require that you donate ($2 per person) for their Santa Claus Fund that started in 1906 to give Christmas gift to the less fortunate kids. At last, we were able to watch "Madagascar" last Saturday... And even though its a free movie, the theater was only half full.

Next saturday, we are off to watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."


Tagalog DVD movies

I just discovered that our library had a small selection of Tagalog DVD movies... among the list are the Mano Po series, Sharon's Forgive and Forget and Cross my Heart, some documentary on the Philippines... and some unknown selections. Unkown (to me) because they didn't provide the names of the actors and a synopsis of the movie as they do with English movies.


MrsPartyGirl said...

wow siyempre, sana library namin dito may sharon cuneta movies din hehehe. although, here, yung blockbuster, they already have pinoy movies sa selection nila. ang galing hehehe

btw, i looooveee the end of the affair (i loved it more than the book, actually). iyak ako ng iyak diyan, sobra, at na-inlove ako kay papa ralph :D

eniwey, relax and enjoy your movies :D

Duke said...

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a nice movie! I'm sure you will enjoy it...

Royal flush! whoa! nice hand!

evi said...

I think Julianne Moore is a favorite. I like her. I enjoyed Nine Months which she starred with Hugh Grant.

Never heard of free movies in BC. sigh

Tin said...

how i wish we have free movies here in sing. sigh.

i agree with you, 1 star lang ang The Others for me. nakatulog yata ako nun. hehe.

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

my hubby discovered the Tagalog movies at the library, I hope they widen their selections too.

Hi Duke,

Yes, I've heard that Charlie is a good movie, but watching movies is really expensive here. Tapos with popcorns and drink, we would have spent around $60+. Am so glad they are featuring it for free! It only costs me $8 plus I bring my own popcorn!

Hi Evi,

I like Nine Months too... nagkataon lang din na panay Julianne Moore ang dumating sabay sabay.

Hi Tin,

You mean "the Hours"... I didn't understand the connection of the characters... tsaka ang papangit nila sa movie!

Raquel said...

Hi Jo,

Sa library namin, Ph documentary lang at luma pa, di mo talaga ma appreciate ang pinas.

Try to look "Tuesdays with Morie", maganda din yan.

JO said...

hi Raquel,

try to search for "foreign films - philippines" or "dvd - philippines" baka naman meron kayo at di mo lang alam.

Junnie said...

talking about Tagalog DVDs, have you seen "La Visa Loca" and "Dubai" na? hahaha, we saw the last one here in LA....siempre, since Aga...ok na rin....(closet fan ata ako...)

JO said...

Hi Junnie,

I've seen "La Visa Loca", thanks to you!!! Don't know of anyone with a copy of "Dubai" yet.