"Mommy, there is no Santa Claus"

asked my son... in which my daughter answered: "no, there is! Don't you remember the gifts we got last time? (referring to the sled they got last year)" Turning to look at me, she continued, "mommy, is Santa Claus real?"

My kids believe in Santa, but when they see a Santa at the malls, they both know that it is not the "real" Santa... they know that the real Santa lives in the North Pole with elfs as his helpers.

And they both looked at me, seeking answers. I was taken by surprise, coz I would always buy extra gifts for them and sign it "From: Santa" every Christmas. The only answer I can give at that time is "Santa is real if you believe he is real... you have to believe it in your heart. Do you believe he is real?"

My daughter said to her brother: "See, I told you."

Now, my son is starting to question his existence because most of his classmates does not believe in Santa or the Christmas season.

So for this year, I made them come up with their wish list (for the very first time), and I am so happy to say that both of the items on their list will be granted. One coming from their Lola Marlene (grandmother) and another one from their Ninang Je (godmother) and the other 2 items will be coming from Santa of course!

I've already posted my daughter's wish list...

Now, this is my son's letter to Santa.

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JO said...

Here's the summary:

Things to ask about Santa:
How are you?
How are the elfs?

Things about me:
I like to play and run
I like to read books
I play fairly

Two ways I can help:
I will save money to donate it
I will recycle

Two things I would like:
I like a yo-gi-yo (yu-gi-oh) deck
And a digimon toy

Toni said...

That's so cute! :)

evi said...

i like the stationery. i like the idea of the wish list.

Raquel said...

Mahirap magsinungaling sa mga bata. For me I found out by myself that Santa is not real. Mahirap yan Jo. I think it's the right time to tell them the truth, malaki na sila. Santa is for young children lang kc.

Ang sweet naman, "I will save money to donate it & I will recycle".

Have a great week sa inyong lahat jan.

JO said...

Hi Toni, thanks!

Hi Evi,

you should make one for your kids too... just ask them the questions and help them with the spelling.

Hi Raquel,

I didn't lie naman. I just didn't answer the question directly.

I believe that kids have the right to believe in Santa as much as they believe in God and Jesus. It's something that you don't see but it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

The spirit of Santa naman is in the giving and sharing. And they both know this. They will discover it soon enough for themselves, like I did.

atoy said...

one of the happiest memories of my christmas is the Santa thing. Although when I was older I learned that it was my mom and dad giving us the gifts. I was disappointed at first but as I look back i long and cherish for those moments when you wake up early during christmas morn and find your stockings filled with gift from good ole Santa.Hindi kayang bilihin ng salapi ang kasiyahang ibinibigay nito sa isang bata.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, sorry...I just misread, sorry talaga.

JO said...

Hi Atoy,

Di talaga ako lumaki believing in Santa, di kasi uso sa amin (mga chinese) ang noche buena... mas cine-celebrate namin ang New Year's eve!

Hi Raquel,

Ok lang. I respected your opinion naman. Thanks!