When you thought I wasn't looking

Being the adult, we should always set a good example to our kids because believe it or not, they are always looking and watching...

I'm a coke addict.

I was deprive of drinking softdrinks/soda when I was a kid, we just don't stock up on sodas at home. So when did I start drinking coke? I guess it was when I started working already. The water in our office had a bitter taste, and since coke are cheaper than juices, I started drinking coke every lunch time. I also drink pineapple juice then, but I become acidic, and the cause (I believe at that time) was due to the pineappple juice and not the coke.

Back then, I don't crave for coke, I just ordered it over other beverages. So when I got pregnant, it wasn't hard for me to stop drinking coke and instead I drink lots of calamansi juice. I would bring a 2L of jug of calamansi juice to work everyday. But was back on drinking coke after giving birth.

When we migrated, there shouldn't be reason for me to drink coke since I stayed home most of the time and water is very clean. But then it started slowly, whenever the 2L coke is on sale (from $1.57 to $0.99), I will stock up on it. I only drink coke at night time, when my kids are in bed, as I don't want them to be a coke addict like me. A 2L coke would last me 3-5 days.

Since my kids were well trained already, I mean, they don't ask for coke even though they see me drinking coke, I started drinking coke during the day too. Last year, I noticed that I can drink 1L of coke in 1 day... which is not good! Definitely not good!

I told my son that my new year's resolution is to drink less coke... he started monitoring me... he bugs me everytime he sees me drinking coke... he reminds me of my 'new year's resolution'... and I've been setting up a wrong example! I'm a bad mother!

So, I am back to drinking coke at night when my kids are asleep... it also means that I drink less coke now... It was a hard habit to break! 3 months ago, I stopped buying coke. I realized that when I don't have supply at home, then I don't crave for it. Still, from time to time, I buy coke when I am expecting visitors.

Then last sunday, I am scheduled to repaint the apartment with the help of Junnie and Mitzi [thanks guys]... but before I started with my painting, I bought coke in cans. I told myself that I needed a treat after my painting... hahaha... After 3 hours of painting, I drank 2 cans of coke.

So anyway, my son made this comment: "mommy, you're not suppose to drink coke, remember? What about your new year's resolution? I know you've been drinking coke when I was sleeping... Because one time when you ask me to get your piglet mug in your computer table, I saw some coke in it... and I tasted it, its coke." (waving his point finger from left to right with a look of disappointment in his eyes) And here I am thinking I am getting away with it... who am I kidding, I'm cheating myself and my son!

My son is my voice... my conscience... my echo...

Any advice on how to totally stop this bad habit of mine???

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Vanessa said...

COKE is bad and lying is worse...gotta stop it if you don't want your kids to do the same (love is tough, isn't it?) Good luck, Jo!

Junnie said...

Oy hindi kami nakainom ng coke na yun ah :)

Seriously, I stopped drinking Coke with a lot of withdrawal symptoms...I'd hear a can being opened and the coke's fizzle and the craving starts again.

Never ever think that Coke is an incentive or a sip is ok, since its only a sip. Totally take it out of your system.

Besides, you promised yourself and your son to do it...that alone is something you should heed

kai said...

kahirap naman. You're just like me trying to kick out caffeine in our system (you the coke addict, me the coffee monster).

Ban the coke in your life. I know, I know, it's easier said than done but you have to make a stand and make good of your resolution not because a new year will come soon but because you've made a pact with your soon. Cheez whiz, try mo cranberry juice kaya.

Goodluck Jo. A friend said to me once that inorder to kick out a habit for good, all I have to do is to make a habit of disciplining myself.

Raquel said...

Hahaha, I got you mama, don't cheat on me...Oh well, you're a bad mama but not bad at all, at least you're trying to quit, hehehe.

It's a good idea not to buy coke and put in the ref, Jo.

Ang asawa ko, 9 months na di na sya umiinom ng coke. At ngaun kahit isang zip lang ayaw na nya dahil sabi ko, yung 9 mos di na counted yun.

Sacrifice lang muna for 2 weeks na di ka iinom ng coke Jo, then after that you will realize na sayang na yung 2 weeks tapos you will break it.

Believe it or not, my family in the Philippines is not a coke drinker. Even myself I stopped counting kung ilang taon na di ako naka inon ng coke.

Sorry napahaba, interesting kc ang topic mo. Thanks for dropping by at Maria's photo blog.

Ok have a wonderful week.

Kevin Lam said...

One effective way to stop drinking coke is to start drinking Pepsi, ha ha ha!

When I was a child, I used to drink softdrink (coke, Pop-cola, 7-Up, Pepsi, Royal, Mirienda) almost every lunch, iyon ang pina-uulam ko sa kanin, we don't keep stock in our ref, but the worse is there is a softdrink shop right in front of our house. which is only 30 secs walking distance.

Nowadays, I don't drink softdrink anymore, but I swapped to drink lemon tea, which is also high in sugar, my wife have been asking me to reduce, because I have a family history of diabetes.

I have a classmates back in H.S. who has a diabetes, I heard from his mother that he used to drink atleast 1L coke per day.

So, just think about getting diabetes will helps you reduce/stop this habit.

JO said...

Hi Vanessa, you said it right... thanks!

Hi Junnie, actually my promise is to drink less which I have done already in the past 3 months... I have gone 2 weeks straight without coke na, kaya lang minsan malakas ang craving ko... maganda sana kung matanggal ko ito totally like you did... i need stronger determination!

Hi Kai, hirap talaga pag addicted ka na... I just have to do this gradually.

Hi Raquel, bakit naman kasi mas mura ang coke kaysa sa mga fresh juices... haaaaay! healthier food/drinks are way too expensive, kaya most people settle for the cheaper ones.

Hi Lam, I just had my annual medical, everything is normal! Kaya siguro mas mahirap for me to stop it, kasi I know I am physically fit (at least for now).

Tin said...

i'm also acidic and i've stopped drinking coke about two years ago lang.

when i found out that it can clean our kitchen sink, i knew i had to stop. it's that strong, jo.

Toni said...

How to stop? Just think of your kids doing something behind your back... the same thing when they think you aren't looking!

Good luck!

Raquel said...
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Raquel said...

I read TINS' comment. Sabi din ng auntie ko na nasa Canada din, ang coke daw jan ay panglinis ng kubeta. Kubeta ba tagalog sa toilet bowl?

JO said...

hi Tin and Raquel,

Oo nga, I've read about it cleaning kitchen sink and toilet bowl... but then somebody who tried it said it doesn't work...

I should find myself a heavily stained sink or toilet bowl and see if coke will work... to see is to believe right?

Hi Toni,

As you can see, my kids are not motivation enough for me, otherwise, I should have stopped a year ago.

To all:

Reading all your comments made me realized that I'm in so much more trouble than I thought I was.

I hope your words will be motivation for me! I will definitely try to stop this altogether...

I've done it for 2 weeks straight and on and off for the past 3 months, I know I can do it much longer... Wish me luck!


MrsPartyGirl said...

alam mo, hindi ako nahilig sa coke kasi yung mom ko did not allow us to drink too much softdrinks when i and my siblings were still young. her vigilance stems from the fact also na our family has a history of diabetes din kasi. pag special occasions lang kami nakakainom nun (like pag may birthday, etc.) and instead, laking Milo kami ng mga kapatid ko, hehe, so we grew up not craving the stuff. i plan to do the same with my daughter. :)

on another issue, my hubby WAS a smoker. and it took a lot of arguments and bickering before i finally made him realize the kind of example he's setting to our daughter (including the 2nd hand smoke he may pass to us). eventually (and with a lot of, uhmm, support (read: nag, hehe) from me), he was able to quit na totally.

so what i'm saying is its up to us as moms to make sure that our kids start early on on health awareness. that goes without saying na we have to set good examples din kasi yun ang best teacher talaga. kaya mahirap man gawin, kailangan talagang subukan. kasama sa job description natin yun as parents eh di ba?

besides, i think your son is so sweet, i'm sure he's also doing it out of love and concern for you! makinig ka sa anak mo, kids know best! :D good luck on kicking the habit :)

JO said...

Hi Meeya,

yes, my son is a very sweet boy! and I just love the way he bugs me too... it made me realize that he I can no longer treat him as a kid, he is fast becoming an adult.

bugsybee said...

Hi Jo. You know I was a heavy smoker (2-3 packs a day) many years ago. One time I had to be hospitalized, the doc said it was smoking-related so I didn't go back for further treatments because I felt it would have been useless because I just couldn't stop smoking. But many years after that, I just woke up and realized that I was wasting my life uselessly. I've never had a smoke since then and this was in 1996. I think that if you put your heart and mind to it, you can do it too! Good luck!

JO said...

Good for you Bugsybee! At least you were able to kick off the habit.

I know I can do it too... in time... hopefully its sooner than later...

Patrice said...

Jo, don't mean to be negative but I read in a an article one time that "sodas" like Coke and Pepsi are "suspected" to be contributary to the development of MS (multiple sclerosis). I love vanilla coke and since they are phasing it out I have switched to cherry coke. It is hard to quit but you can do it.

JO said...

hi Patrice, thanks for stopping by... yes, its going to hard, but I will definitely do it!

Reese said...

I didn't have any problems with drinking coke -I think I'm weird, but I like being weird, lol. My children aren't addicted to it as well, but what I do is I dillute coke with water so it's less acidic. My only addiction in beverage now is the Minute Maid Pulpy.. lol